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Running a design sprint for Promoter, a local startup in Stockholm.

Design Sprint, Visual Design, Front-end Development

Promoter is a bootstrapped SaaS based in Stockholm that has been helping large and small game companies market their games and track press mentions and reviews for the past 6 years. Customers include household names such as Double Fine and Paradox Interactive, as well as smaller independent developers and publishers such as Raw Fury and Finji.

Press mention timeline in Promoter.

The main problem Promoter approached us with was the low conversion numbers of the landing page and the related struggle to market itself as a modern and trust-worthy service.

We kicked off the design sprint by attempting to dig deeper into the conversion problem. We took a look at the existing page and established, based on anecdotal evidence, that the text-heavy presentation and monochrome branding were part of the problem.

We then proceeded to list all the features that Promoter offers and find ways to group them across relevant axes. This exercise helped us brainstorm presentation ideas that would better capture how Promoter can solve the PR woes of game companies regardless of their size and product life cycle. We converged on two distinct, job-to-be-done-driven keywords: “track” and “promote”.

The next step involved prototyping a new landing page with a refreshed branding and composition. The keywords identified earlier were taken into account in different parts of this exercise, including the color palette and the overall page layout.

We opted to assign a color to each set of features in order to make it easier for visitors and users to quickly identify them. This presented an opportunity to combine these colors to obtain a overarching brand color. That's how the sky blue (track), crimson (promote), and purple came into play.

We concluded the week-long design sprint with a series of user interviews based around their previous experience with the service and the new landing page. We were able to collect some valuable feedback regarding the wording and layout of the page, as well as identify other areas of improvement in the product as a whole.

“ thoughtbot is one of the few consultancies that excels in not just one, but in every part of the process: Problem statement, user experience, design and implementation. They helped to redesign the landing page for Promoter in order to better explain the service, create trust and convert more visitors into the trial. ”
Andreas Zecher, Founder of Promoter

The biggest challenge we faced during this project was the multi-faceted nature of the product; it solved different problems for different customers depending on their company size and the stage of their games in their life cycle.

The design sprint helped us extract the defining aspects of Promoter as a service and highlight those in a new landing page that served as a proving ground for this new brand direction.

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