Comprehensive mobile design and development services for every stage of your mobile app

Whether you have a mobile app idea you want to make a reality, an existing app you want to scale, or you need to replicate an app experience for a second device, we’re ready to help. We design and build iOS, Android, and cross-platform React Native apps for startups and established businesses.

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Partners for growth

From idea to launch to successful business

You’ve got the vision. Now you need an expert partner focused on delivering value to your business and users. We like to say that “mobile” refers to the user, not the device. With that in mind, we’ll help you with your first critical product decisions like technology, branding, design, and experience. And we’ll set up your application and business for success.

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Quote about rapid growth

With thoughtbot we went from an idea on a piece of paper to 1,000 monthly paying users in just 6 months.

A headshot of Brian Gardiner

Brian Gardiner
COO, Splitfit

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Small teams; Big results

The right team, tools, and integrations for the job

Based on your design and technology needs, you will be paired with a small team of mobile experts to tackle the job. A major difference between our approach and that of most other app developers is our marriage of design and seamless integration in the front and back end.

To stand out from other apps, you’re not only going to need outstanding expertise and creativity, but also serious strategic direction. We’ll help you combine robust code and slick design for a superior user experience.

Photo collage with handdrawn elements; starting from the top left, a designer on a conference call, a developer working on an application at their desk, a designer and client discussing options during a design sprint in front of a wall of post-its and sketches

Quote on thoughtbot's team

Over the course of the last year we have seen success with the thoughtbot team because of our collaboration around innovation, the cultural and technical alignment, mutual respect, and the deliverables.

A headshot of Craig Gravina

Craig Gravina
CTO, Ieso Digital Health

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Mobile App Optimization

Have an app that needs some love?

We have a quick effort that allows you to tap mobile design, development and product strategy and take the guesswork out of updates. In as little as 2 weeks, you will have a recommendation for improving your mobile app and an action plan to become an industry leader.

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