Drive Innovation with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

thoughtbot can help you get started implementing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering into your product and processes. Create intelligent systems that use advanced algorithms to empower your business to automate tasks, predict outcomes, and help improve decision-making.

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Generative AI

How could you optimize your business through the power of AI?

Reimagine your company’s future by developing your own custom generative AI applications. With OpenAI and ChatGPT, thoughtbot can help you find opportunities to create interactive applications that can understand natural language and engage in human-like conversations. These applications can be used for customer support chatbots, virtual assistants, and intelligent user experiences.

Whether creating dynamic content, providing real-time recommendations, or powering virtual assistants, thoughtbot’s artificial intelligence experience can enable your business to stay at the forefront of innovation and capitalize on the potential of AI for driving profound growth and efficiency.

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Reduce AI Product Risk

Gain insights and set the stage for innovative solutions with an artificial intelligence Discovery Sprint

As interest in AI and machine learning continues to grow, thoughtbot is prepared to support our clients learn how these technologies can provide value to their business. We’ve adapted our product design sprint to uncover if and how AI/ML could be a useful technology for your internal processes or external offering.

If an idea gets traction in the product design sprint, we will also help you drive the technical feasibility effort to implement it. This could include going from idea to final solution or updating a legacy system to better support these capabilities. We can help you outline an AI action plan in as little as 3 weeks.


  • gained insights from user research
  • validated initial concepts of an idea
  • a Minimal Viable Product roadmap
  • clarified the business impact


Develop technology that deeply understands your business and customers

thoughtbot consultants help technologists revolutionize their software through AI to envision their business's future and drive strategic growth. Leveraging AI development and machine learning, your team will be able to anticipate user needs, identify trends, and create innovative solutions.

By incorporating AI and machine learning into your software, you can gain a deeper understanding of customers, improve segmentation, automate tasks, predict needs, and optimize product recommendations.

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Case Study

Crafting an internal enterprise solution with generative AI

Data engineering

Power your Machine Learning initiative with quality data

Some Machine Learning projects require you to have a solid data engineering architecture. thoughtbot’s data engineering consultants build scalable pipelines for data processing, real-time streaming, and data warehousing. By implementing robust data infrastructure, you can extract reliable, actionable insights.

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