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We asked an experienced developer how they demonstrate curiosity during the job hunt.

So let's say I've come straight out of a coding bootcamp, and joined a consultancy, or a startup. How do you show that you are curious and ready to learn?

When it comes time to interview, companies are going to be looking for that additional work. That's when I'll ramp up and spend some evenings and even weekends creating personal projects. They might not be the fanciest pieces...they might not be the next Facebook, but they are something that showcases the work that I'm capable of doing.

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thoughtbot provided the top-notch Ruby and Rails experience we needed to help drive major improvements to Code Climate. With Upcase, you can learn from some of the best in the business.

Bryan Helmkamp
CEO at Code Climate
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Without doubt, Upcase was vital to my professional growth and led to my dream Rails job at thoughtbot.

Matt Sumner
Developer at thoughtbot

Training with thoughtbot (who I consider to be the best developers in the world), and leveraging Upcase’s vital community of like minded peers has been invaluable for me.

Skilling up in relative isolation in Australia, it provided the tools and support for me to land my first Rails job and flourish there.

Ralph White
Developer at postinvoice.com
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