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As one of the first consultancies to adopt Ruby on Rails back in 2005, thoughtbot has produced open source projects generating over one billion downloads and helped over one thousand clients achieve their goals. 

Whether you’re trying to tackle technical debt, augment and up-skill your team, or just need ongoing maintenance help, thoughtbot is available to help elevate your software and your team.

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Ruby on Rails Web Development

Our team of experienced web developers are experts in Ruby on Rails. We love Rails because we can create full-featured, highly functional web apps in less time while you can be confident in product quality and maintenance costs.

Code Audit

Scaling an application or taking over a new codebase doesn’t have to feel unmanageable. We can help you understand the current state of your code quality, opportunities for optimization, guidance toward strengthening your foundation, process, and people, and learning how best to upgrade your current system.

Support and Maintenance

After launching your web app, maintaining it is crucial. Lacking dedicated support can lead to bugs, outdated systems, and costly security concerns. thoughtbot is here to help and has a part-time support and maintenance team dedicated to supporting applications long-term.

Rails Upgrades

As your business evolves, you will need to upgrade to new Ruby and Rails versions that support updated functionalities for your app. You also want to upgrade to ensure that external code or resources such as gems and other third-party libraries, open source libraries, and third party integrations continue working properly. We are always on hand to help.

Team Augmentation

Sometimes the demands of your product roadmap require additional senior designers and developers, and fast. Deploy a small, agile team of thoughtbot product experts to join your existing team and accelerate your product.

Level up your junior team

We believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to share it with your existing team and project. As we work together, we’ll help level up your team so they can continue with best practices long after we’re gone.

Rails Experts

Create a strong foundation with the team that wrote the book on Rails

…and the blog, the podcast, the guides, and the tutorials. The thoughtbot team has maintained a passionate and active presence in the Ruby on Rails community since the beginning. Whether you’re looking to create an innovative e-commerce experience or expand on an existing enterprise SaaS platform, we’ll set you up for scalability and a codebase your future dev team will love working on.

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quickly building quality ruby on rails apps

It's not typical to find an agency that will not only contribute directly to a Ruby on Rails codebase, but will improve the health of the application with each additional pull request.

A headshot of Brittany Martin

Brittany Martin
Lead Web Developer

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Eliminate tech debt and decrease feature development time

Do you feel like technical debt is holding you back? Is your codebase a mess that makes it difficult and time-consuming to ship new features? thoughtbot can help clean up the mess while working with your team to establish best practices that make future development frustration-free.

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Upgrading Rails can be scary, but we're here to help

You know you need to upgrade to the next version of Rails, but not sure where to start. Or maybe you know exactly what needs to be done, but need your team focusing on new features. At thoughtbot, we’ve done hundreds of upgrades through the years and can help you navigate the process with ease.

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We're a full-time, global team of experienced Ruby on Rails developers

Consultants working on Ruby on Rails projects are full-time team members located around the world. Our experienced developers are located in the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil), Europe, West Asia, and Africa, and are aligned to our client's time zone for optimal productivity. We don't rely on contractors or third-party developers to provide services to our clients.

thoughtbot consultants become part of your product team, quickly integrating and adding immediate value. Our clients come to us for quality code, but they stay because of the improvement in their team and the transformational outcomes.

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Quote about thoughtbot's developers

thoughtbot has a team of senior developers who can come in and get running on any project you need with great perspective and process, without being dogmatic. They start making an impact immediately.

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Becky Segal
VP Engineering, Bark

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