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With 20 years of helping over 1,000 clients build great software, we understand that startups and tech leaders are constantly on the lookout for scalable, maintainable, and user-centric solutions for mobile app development. Our React Native team is skilled at building scalable, maintainable apps quickly and iteratively.

Whether you're looking to transform an initial concept into a market-ready app or evolve a legacy platform into a modern mobile experience, thoughtbot takes an integrated approach to take your mobile app to the next phase of growth.

Let’s talk about your React Native app

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Speedy processes

Shipping quickly is our thing.

App setup can be time consuming, so we created an Open Source library that allows us to bootstrap React Native Apps quickly. Our library has reduced setup time from four weeks, to just 1-2 days. Great code combined with an integrated, Agile team approach means ongoing features are shipped quickly, iteratively, and with users at the center of mobile app design.

Support for large user bases

Mobile apps that can scale

Need an app that can handle high traffic peaks and a quickly growing user base? We build a comprehensive systems of monitoring and feedback into our React Native Mobile apps, so there is a constant stream of feedback both for performance, and the user base. We’ve handled apps with millions of monthly active users and peaks of 100,000 or more.

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Wide pools of knowledge

Complex integrations with 3rd party applications? No problem.

Whether you need connect to an existing application you own, or integrate third party applications and tools, the thoughtbot team is experienced in architecting mobile apps that bring it all together. For projects with sensitive data, like HIPPA-compliant healthcare applications, our team understands how to build integrations that keep user data safe and your organization compliant.

A team you can trust

Accelerate your product growth with best practices and proven processes

Reduce risks and smash through roadblocks with an integrated approach.

Our integrated approach uses an interdisciplinary team, working together to uncover risk across all aspects of your product, not just the React Native code. We have the full set of design, product, and technical expertise on every project so that you don’t have to piecemeal development. thoughtbot can be your founding product team, or supplement your internal team to build something great together.

Technical excellence you won’t find anywhere else

We’ve achieved 80–90% code sharing across iOS and Android platforms, which translates to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for our clients and a faster time to market. As a bonus, your product team has access more than 80 other internal thoughtbot consultants who can help solve any challenge.

Don't just build a great app, build a great team.

With a thoughtful, consultative approach, our consultants can teach your product team how to work together efficiently, communicate effectively, and achieve consistent results as they build together. If you want to lay a solid product and team foundation that will benefit your business for years to come, thoughtbot can help.

Quote about product growth

We have seen very very rapid growth. thoughtbot is part of all those discussions about where do we go from here, not just from a product standpoint but how do we grow this business.

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Brian Gardiner
COO, Splitfit

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Integrated teams

You benefit from the improved designer-developer workflow

React Native avoids maintaining repetitive codebases: one for iOS and one for Android. Instead, developers maintain one codebase. We’ve achieved 80–90% code sharing across iOS and Android platforms, which translates to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for our clients and a faster time to market. The React Native flexbox-derived layout systems allow designers and developers to style directly with JavaScript.

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Check out our past work

React Native Case Studies

Mobile screenshots of the Airrosti mobile app on a blue background.

Airrosti Remote Recovery — Creating a mobile app to expand Airrosti's pain relief and physical therapy services beyond their physical locations.

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A collage of screens from the Groups Recover together app with the company's logo overlaid on top.

Groups Recover Together — Centralizing a highly effective opioid-addiction care model onto one easy-to-use platform while increasing access to support.

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How much does it cost to build a React Native Mobile App?

Depending on size and complexity, the range varies widely. Projects we work on to build fully-developed React Native apps typically start around $150k.

How soon can we start?

This depends on availability of the team, but typically we can start within a week or two of signing a contract.

Can you sign an NDA?

We’re happy to sign an Mututal Non Disclosure Agreement while discussing your project.

How long will it take to build a React Native mobile app?

This depends on the scale, complexity, and integrations needed for your app. The best way to get an estimate for us to talk about your project.

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What does success look like for your React Native project?

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