Quickly validate, design, and ship mobile apps with React Native

We’ve helped almost 50 customers launch mobile applications written in React Native, across a number of different verticals. Our mobile team has built and launched mobile products with React Native into both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Maximize your budget and timeline

Build your React Native mobile app in days - not weeks

After creating so many React Native Apps from the ground up and seeing limited library choices aligned with our standards for foundational software, we created an Open Source library that allows us to bootstrap React Native apps quickly. Our open source approach cuts down the setup time from 4 weeks to 1 - 2 days.

Our team can partner with our clients to build a strong, foundational mobile app quickly and maximize their budget and timeline to be used towards unique features that help them differentiate their business.

Mobile Design

Rely on years of experience designing and building mobile applications

Working with a small dedicated team, we will work together to design and build the entire product. From research and design, to iOS, Android, and Web development, we’ll be working to build the right features to make your application successful. With a shared codebase across platforms, you can lower your costs and reach more users.

Quote about product growth

We have seen very very rapid growth. thoughtbot is part of all those discussions about where do we go from here, not just from a product standpoint but how do we grow this business.

Brian Gardiner
COO, Splitfit

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Integrated teams

You benefit from the improved designer-developer workflow

React Native avoids maintaining repetitive codebases: one for iOS and one for Android. Instead, developers maintain one codebase. We’ve achieved 80–90% code sharing across iOS and Android platforms, which translates to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings for our clients and a faster time to market. The React Native flexbox-derived layout systems allow designers and developers to style directly with JavaScript.

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React Native Case Studies

InHerSight — The InHerSight founders wanted to expand the user experience for their audience by providing a companion mobile experience. Their mission is to help women achieve their career goals more effectively.

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Groups Recover Together — Centralizing a highly effective opioid-addiction care model onto one easy-to-use platform while increasing access to support.

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