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In order to grow, you need to successfully navigate milestones and the best decisions are made based on quality research and strategic insights. Whether you are a startup looking to determine where you can make the greatest impact, or an established company looking to grow your business, we can help you embrace big ideas and complex challenges to uncover opportunities for innovation.

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Embrace innovation to stay competitive

Challenges, ideas, and changes in the market should be welcomed. They present an opportunity for your team to pivot and successfully grow and pass the competition. 

Our strategists can help you navigate these milestones and answer important questions like “How do we best serve customers?”, “How do I stay competitive?”, "Is this new business opportunity we have worth pursuing?" and “How can I scale my business?”

Quote from HBR

While we are still sorting out where we want to invest next as a company, thoughtbot helped us crystalize our ideas rapidly, and gave us a strong sense of which concept might work best for our users. The teams we have worked with from thoughtbot have absorbed our business needs quickly, prototyped fast, and synthesized many ideas into something coherent and delightful.

Jim Bodor
Managing Director, Digital Product Strategy, HBR.org

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Our proven approach, with outcomes tailored to you

We take a user-first, design-led approach to conducting strategic research. We bring together multiple data points like industry trends, technology best practices, competitive analysis, usability testing, and customer research to produce qualitative and quantitative insights. As our project wraps, we bring all these pieces together and facilitate a discussion to align the group and instill confidence in moving ahead.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Recommendation on the path forward
  • Entire team has a deeper understanding
  • Aligned decision makers with concrete next steps
  • Clear outcomes and KPIs that stakeholders feel great about

Innovation mindset

The change we leave behind

We have extensive experience successfully driving efforts forward, through collaborative remote facilitation. A big part of working with thoughtbot is equipping your team to feel more comfortable asking questions, imagining solutions, and thinking bigger. These new skills will help you shift collective thinking into a repeatable, innovative mindset.

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Research & Strategy Playbook

Do you want to see how our product strategists approach specific use cases? We've outlined a step-by-step guide in our newest Playbook. It breaks down how thoughtbot tackles the most common client scenarios. For example: how to identify your target audience, minimize customer drop-off, uncover opportunities to successfully grow your business, and conduct a competitive analysis with actionable insights.

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expected outcomes

Find confidence in times of uncertainty

Research is our go-to tool for navigating change. In working closely with our clients we help them uncover strategic insights to set a clear direction, and our rapid approach allows them to quickly pivot in weeks not months.

In as little as 2 weeks, we can give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision. We’ve helped hundreds of clients optimize workflows, deepen relationships with customers, expand into new markets, and successfully execute a new initiative.

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