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Product design

All our projects are design-led, starting with post-its and sketching, ending with design implemented as code in the app. We use design sprints and user research to build products that are user-centered.

Web development

Many development practices we follow were first described in "Extreme Programming Explained", published more than 25 years ago. Using XP practices improves the quality of our work and happiness of our team.

Mobile development

"Mobile" refers to the user, not the device. We design and develop mobile software with that idea in mind.

User growth

Most startups don't fail to deliver a product; they fail to get traction. We can help with that.

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    Instrument Analytics

    In order to analyze user behavior later, we need to instrument our app to log the right metrics now.

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    Identify Acquisition Channels

    We run experiments on customer acquistion channels, double-down on what works, and kill what doesn't.

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    Analyze Activation Funnels

    We want to optimize new users' ability to quickly get to the product's "aha moment".

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    Understand Engagement

    We want to know which users regularly use the product in order to repeat that experience for others.

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3D Design & Development

Interested in exploring virtual or augmented reality? Our growing 3D team can help you make your ideas come to life.

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Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. Chat with a designer or developer at one of our studios near you.

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