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thoughtbot Teams

Helping clients at different stages with their unique needs

Our thoughtbot Teams have tailored expertise in the projects, challenges, and skills associated with your business and product at every product stage. We are equipped to partner with teams around the world with our fully-remote delivery model.

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Design Research

Create a deeper understanding

Conducting Design Research allows our team to validate that the problem we’re solving for is worth the time and money to solve for it. It develops a fuller understanding of the problem for the team from the eyes of the people using the product. Having that validation and team understanding sets the stage for the team to find ways to optimize for the problem at hand.

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Product Design Sprints

Rapidly ideate and validate

Design Sprints help us rapidly validate that we are building the right set of features for the product so you don’t waste time and money. A five-phase process to help us unpack and organize the insights you have as subject matter experts, come up with innovative ways to solve for problems, and validate product assumptions. At the end of a design sprint, we have a prototype for running user interviews with. 

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UX, UI, and Product Design

Create engaging user experiences

From strategy to implementation, we collaborate with you to design experiences that build successful products and businesses. We pay close attention to flows and not individual screens because we know that is what builds a great user experience. Each of our team members has a design mindset; all keeping your users top of mind. 

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Web Development

From your idea, to validated MVP and beyond

Whether you're building something from scratch or improving an existing product, our design and development consultants have you covered. Enjoy the ease of pulling in several Senior Developers and Designers to work alongside your team and enhance the speed and quality of your project for a flexible amount of time. While we have a rich history with Ruby on Rails, we use a range of technologies, including React and Elixir, to utilize the best tools for your application.

Mobile Development

Let’s get you into the App/Play Store

You have a mobile app idea you want to make a reality, an existing app you want to scale, or you need to replicate an app experience for a second device, and we’re ready to help. We design and build iOS, Android, and cross-platform React Native apps for startups and established businesses.

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Customer quote from Clutch

I’m very impressed with the high level at which they are thinking about and producing their work. Everything—from the way they run their company to the way they organize their office—is set up in such a mindful, intentional way. 

Head of Product
Professional Network Startup

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Level up your team

Engagements go beyond pixels and code. No matter where your team is physically located, we are equipped to help move your product and team forward with remote collaboration best practices.

Mentoring your team

Our clients tell us their favorite part of a thoughtbot engagement is the change we leave behind by working side by side with your team. Whether it’s improved processes and collaboration, advice on hiring, or junior developers leveling up their skills, you’ll notice a positive cultural shift.

Accelerate your team’s potential

Deploy and learn

Your product is never done. Past features can be improved and new features can be added. Our mission is to leave you in a place where you can confidently maintain the product and have the tools and knowledge to test, assess, and make the best decisions after our engagement together has concluded.

Help with hiring

You want to make sure you have a meaningful interview process and make the right choices to help you long into the future. Many product leaders over the years have looked to thoughtbot to provide coverage and the peace of mind that comes with trusted expert designers and developers.