Keep your product moving forward with Team Augmentation

Sometimes the demands of your product roadmap require additional senior designers and developers, and fast. Deploy a small, agile team of thoughtbot product experts to join your existing team and accelerate your product.

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Fit your needs

Flexible short- to long-term team integration, customized to your needs

Whether it's a long-running project that you're pushing over the final hill, a new feature that your thinly-stretched team can't take on, bugs that accumulated over time, or framework upgrades to get security features, we can bring our expertise, process, and passion to your organization.

Got a new feature that needs to be done soon but you're in a race to hire? We can fill in the blanks: help you scope the requirements, implement the feature in a manner consistent with the rest of the codebase, and even help with the hiring process.

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Quote on the impact of thoughtbot

thoughtbot has a team of senior developers who can come in and get running on any project you need with great perspective and process, without being dogmatic. They start making an impact immediately.

A headshot of Becky Segal

Becky Segal
VP Engineering, Bark

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More than Augmentation

Level up your team and processes while you add capacity

We believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to share it with your existing team and project. As we work together, we’ll help level up your team so they can continue with best practices long after we’re gone. 

Documentation is vital to the longevity of your team, product, and process.  From onboarding to deployment, we want the next person to have a smooth experience. Consider it a bonus for bringing us on: we'll get you where you need to be and leave a trail of well-edited documentation in our wake.

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Senior Designers and Developers

Fill the skills gap on your team

Our developers and designers have deployed hundreds of projects in a variety of configurations and setups. Our self-directed team can fit into yours in a way that truly augments their skills.

We are enthusiasts of the software we use, and we'd love to share what we know about the latest upgrades for Ruby on Rails, React Native, Android in Kotlin, iOS in Swift, Django, Webpack, Scss, and more.

Our flexibility in working environments comes from actual experience. We can handle a remote-first culture natively and with as much knowledge as we would an in-office integration.

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Quote about thoughtbot's team

thoughtbot left me with a much more seasoned team than I had started with, a better architecture, and a much clearer roadmap. Even to this day, the DNA from thoughtbot’s early engagement lives through the company. They really set us up for the success we are today.

A headshot of Aatish Salvi

Aatish Salvi
CTO, Teikametrics

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What does success look like for your team and project?

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