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Join a team of developers and designers dedicated to creating successful, test-driven products

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We strive for few job titles, few departments, and few hierarchies. We prefer composition of roles necessary for projects and company objectives over inheritance of bosses and direct reports. We are at thoughtbot primarily for our design and development skill, and want to apply it, rather than creating company overhead.

We recognize that we can always be better. Therefore, we have strong opinions, loosely held, and take initiative to improve ourselves, the company, and our community.

At desks

We work with companies of all stages to help identify and solve problems. At thoughtbot, you’ll be involved in every step of the process. You’ll sit in on product design sprints, write quality, test-driven apps, and then deploy them. You are an accomplished professional and an excellent team player; ready to give your best to your colleagues, eager to grow together with them.

We think of perks as standards

We like to keep ourselves happy while we work. Here at thoughtbot there’s stellar vacation time and fully stocked offices with everything from Klondike bars to neat little notebooks.

Nyc couch

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Our team works in a relaxed and educational environment to develop excellent products for our clients. We work a sustainable pace of 40 hours/week, consulting for clients four days/week. We also like to learn. Everything we do is predicated on having a great team and a culture of growing. We use the latest technologies and are always down to try new methods on both internal and client projects.

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