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The Google Play store averages 2 billion visits from 190 countries every month. It presents a huge opportunity to expose your app to a large audience and with fewer barriers to entry than the App Store. With a small dedicated team, we’ll work with you to design and develop a successful Android app that delivers value to your target users with a native experience on their device of choice.

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Design and Development teams

Benefit from the seamless work of integrated Android teams

thoughtbot designers and dedicated Android developers are passionate about creating apps that work beautifully and solve important user problems. They understand the Android ecosystem from front to back. Design, native implementation, and back end are developed in unison for the slickest end product.

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Android development quote

I am so proud of what we were able to create — a stunning visual experience that is incredibly fun and rich with content. It was a joy to work on, and I love sharing it with other people.

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Ari Daniel
Multimedia Producer, NOVA

Level up your team

Learn alongside Android experts

Working with thoughtbot is unique in that your team will collaborate with our designers and developers during the engagement, learning the ins and outs of user-focused design, our processes, and the technology decisions we make along the way.

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Quote about the thoughtbot team

thoughtbot left me with a much more seasoned team than I had started with, a better architecture, and a much clearer roadmap. Even to this day, the DNA from thoughtbot’s early engagement lives through the company. They really set us up for the success we are today.

A headshot of Aatish Salvi

Aatish Salvi
CTO, Teikametrics

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Our process

What you get with the thoughtbot approach to Android

Beautifully designed native feel

Android apps that have fluid, modern, responsive transitions.

RxJava and Reactive Programming

On many projects, we prefer to bring functional and reactive programming to Kotlin, which makes our codebases more stable and scalable.


By using Kotlin, we empower developers to increase the expressiveness and quality of the code they write.


Our team will recommend technologies such as introducing a API framework like GraphQL for reuse of API data between views to reduce complexity and duplication of work.

Ecosystem perspective

We understand the whole app ecosystem from user research and market fit through to functional and design aesthetics. Throughout the app life cycle, we’ve got you covered.

User-centered design

With your users in mind, we'll help you scope the right features to build.

Quote on iOS and Android work

thoughtbot’s expertise in coding languages for iOS and Android is second to none. Their proactive, thorough approach to projects has not only improved products, but also improved internal morale of engineers. 

Senior Engineering Manager
Internet Platform

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