Product Design drives your application’s success

Create compelling experiences, drive user acquisition, engage with customers, and illuminate your brand with Product Design. From strategy to implementation, we collaborate with you to design experiences that build successful products and businesses.

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Scale up with Design

Attracting new users and retaining them is a challenge. Design is the solution.

We design your product with users in mind. We know if we solve user problems, they’ll come back again and again. That’s why we pay close attention to flows and not individual screens and each of our team members has a design mindset.

Photo collage with handdrawn elements; from top left a time timer with only a few seconds left, people pinning up sketches during a design sprint, people discussing different ideas

Quote from Lola about thoughtbot Design

Working with the thoughtbot team has been a real pleasure. This project was highly iterative, and the team was always extracting feedback from key stakeholders at our business and baking it into the process. We are pleased with the outcome, and hope to work with them for a long time!

A headshot of Jordana Kier

Jordana Kier
Co-founder LOLA

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What does success look like for your Product Design project?

A photo collage depicting people at work consisting of four photos and three hand-drawn elements, from top to bottom; two people pinning up storyboard sketches during a design sprint, two developers working side by side at their desks in a well lit office, a designer sitting on a video call at a desk below a wall calendar, the backs of a designer and developer working together on code at the same desk

Case Studies

Product design and strategy to help your business grow

A UI element of the GasBuddy application

GasBuddy — Bringing an app with millions of users into the modern age of mobile design

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Homepage mockup for IESO health

IESO Health — Building a mental health app to capture and serve a new market

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Quote from LXD about thoughtbot Design

The thoughtbot team was able to build a highly aesthetic website for our unusually restrictive use case. We needed the LXD website to have an eye-catching modern design, while also continuing to clearly present the long product lists that our customer’s require. We are very happy with the results.

A headshot of Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison
VP, LXD Research & Display, LLC

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Prevent user churn

Put a stop to inconsistent user experiences

Are your users dropping off because they’re having trouble with your product’s interface? We’re able to use techniques like usability tests to find problem areas in your application. We’re then able to take that learning and rapidly fill in the gaps through quick iteration.

photo collage with handdrawn elements; designers working together on a project in-front of a large monitor, two people working on their laptops during a design sprint

Design Services

Seamless strategy through to implementation

User Experience Design

  • Usability Testing
  • Design for Accessibility
  • Design for Flows

User Interface Design

  • Visual Design
  • Brand Implementation
  • Information Architecture

Design Implementation

  • Design Systems
  • Front-end Design

Design and Development integration

Small, nimble teams that adjust to project and user needs.

thoughtbot Designers are able to adjust to the needs of your project. They’ll collaborate with you on what are the most important pieces of your application to ensure project success. They’ve built brands from the ground up but also worked within established brands.

Photo collage with handdrawn elements; starting from the top left, a designer on a conference call, a developer working on an application at their desk, a designer and client discussing options during a design sprint in front of a wall of post-its and sketches

Quote about growth

We have seen very very rapid growth. thoughtbot is part of all those discussions about where do we go from here, not just from a product standpoint but how do we grow this business.

A headshot of Brian Gardiner

Brian Gardiner
COO, SplitFit

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Case Studies

Making businesses successful through design

Dashboard of Quicky Forecast showing navigation and a large chart

Quicky Forecast — Helping companies get a quick and simple overview of sales activities

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The Real Simple Energy account page, highlighting $60 in savings from using their service.

Real Simple Energy — Transforming algorithms and a vision into a customer-ready product

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Design on the Blog

We share how we approach design on our blog

Start with the problem

One of our maxims at thoughtbot is to start with the problem, not the solution. It seems obvious at first, you need to know what you’re solving for, but I often catch myself jumping ahead and skipping out on some juicy divergent thinking.

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Don’t Rush

The thought of designing a product from nothing can be scary. It’s very tempting to start fast and maintain that pace. This usually means building up a series of pieces linearly. In theory they are then tied together into an app or a website. While this is a valid approach, there are good and bad times to work this way. To understand when, it’s best to think about what makes a good app or website.

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How to Lead Better User Interviews

This isn’t a post about convincing you of the benefits of user interviews, or the ills of leading questions. Nor is it a treatise on the one true way to conduct a user test. Instead, these are some observations I’ve made about what works while observing people.

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Design in the Playbook

Our Playbook documents our process for designing products

User Interface Design

Increase engagement and drive user success with consistent interface design.

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User Experience Design

Create a consistent and intuitive experience across all features and products.

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Design Implementation

Builds team empathy and have smaller nimble teams with Designers that implement.

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