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As your company and product evolve, key hires are needed to move the needle but you can't rush the process of finding the right individual. However, your business, and product, can't wait. Bringing in thoughtbot for fractional support allows you to move forward and leverage best practices in critical moments. thoughtbot's team of senior consultants smoothly adapts to your working style, needs, and tools and confidently improves processes, and instills confidence across the board so your business can mitigate risks, stay agile, and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Working with thoughtbot we have total confidence there is nothing technical we can’t solve with the extra bonus of having a team that can help us make better decisions and move faster.

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Hunter Gorham
CEO and Founder of Joydrive

Fractional PMO

Product Strategy and Delivery Management

Product Managers align stakeholders, outline the right product strategy and drive a successful implementation while fostering agile best practices and cross-team collaboration. thoughtbot Product Managers are experts in translating business goals into KPIs, then executing a roadmap backed by research. The team becomes accustomed to maintaining a prioritized backlog moving forward with agile sprints. At each step along the way, the team will have the guidance they need to do great work and deliver a quality experience, while stakeholders have a clear line of sight into risk mitigation and KPIs. Establishing a high-quality product development foundation will stand the test of time and help you continue to pivot, take advantage of opportunities, and ramp up your future CPO seamlessly.

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Fractional CTO

Technical Leadership and Guidance

The thoughtbot development team are not only senior full-stack engineers but also stellar consultants that break down technical concepts, plan scalable architecture, and bubble up recommendations and/or concerns proactively. For a business that has a technical aspect that requires management and growth, having a point person to lead the charge is required. However, hiring your first technical hire can be challenging especially without the expertise in-house. A thoughtbot fractional CTO can help you find the right first technical hires, onboard them successfully, and establish code quality and development process standards while moving your product forward in parallel.

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flexible and unique

Each partnership is tailored to you


thoughtbot steps in when you need to align business and product decisions across the full team, and ensures a strong product and process foundation for moving quickly and strategically. Tap into the expertise you need now and take your time filling the critical full-hire spots.

Established Companies

Leverage the thoughtbot approach for successful remote teams, and improve your product, design, and development processes, quality standards, and overall delivery. Maximize the investment you are making into your product and feel confident in your timeline and software standards.

Guaranteed outcomes

Each of our projects is catered to your needs and goals. Bringing together business, customer, and product perspectives in a way that informs the right action plan is what helps you move forward strategically in the short term.

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We needed a technical partner who wasn’t afraid to dig in, who didn’t shy away from a challenge and who could make a plan as things rapidly changed: thoughtbot was that partner.

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Tiffany Tate

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