Accessibility work that goes beyond compliance

Whether you want to start with a solid foundation, or update an existing product, having an accessible experience is fundamental. Let's chat about how we can help you understand the current state of your accessibility support, opportunities for improvement, guidance towards strengthening your process, and how to best make solutions that work for everyone, regardless of their device or ability.

Let’s talk about your Accessibility project

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Auditing and remediation

Get actionable next steps for accessibility improvements

Our team will take a look through the existing product. They’ll document findings, have suggestions for steps forward, and help your team implement updates. Our audits cover:

  • Severity, scope, and priority of impact
  • Applicable Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Criterion
  • Real-world examples of how issues affects your users
  • Suggested fixes
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Quote from Basecamp

It was an absolute delight to work with thoughtbot over the five-month project. They've left us with not only a more accessible product but an abundance of examples to draw from and components to reuse as we build future HEY features.

A headshot of Michael Berger

Michael Berger
Quality and Accessibility Lead, Basecamp/HEY

Inclusive Design guidance

Make your product work for the full range of human diversity

Considering permanent and temporary disabilities, circumstance, and underlying biases makes for stronger, more successful products. Our team can help you work through your assumptions to identify oversight and risk.

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Quote about accessibility work

Thanks to the thoughtbot team, we were able to improve not only the functionality and design of our product, but the accessibility as well. It was really wonderful to be able to work with developers who had the same passion for that as we do.

A headshot of Danielle Greaves

Danielle Greaves
Front End Developer, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Accessibility and inclusive design

Check out our checklist

Not sure how accessible your product is? Our checklist is a great starting point, and provides links to resources to help you along your way.

Read the checklist
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Quote from a thoughtbot employee

Accessibility is a way to look at the world, not a problem to be solved. As web professionals, it is our job, and our privilege to ensure that the experiences we deliver are equivalent.

A headshot of Eric Bailey

Eric Bailey
Designer, thoughtbot

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While both the alt attribute and the figcaption element provide a way to describe images, the way we write for them is different. alt descriptions should be functional; figcaption descriptions should be editorial or illustrative.

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Programming an accessible Android app is not technically difficult, but is often skipped in the rush of a deadline. With the right tools, skipping accessibility is a compromise you don’t have to make.

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Improving the usability and accessibility of a healthcare website by being mindful of reading level

Improving the reading level is often overlooked or downplayed as unglamorous work. Yet it is one of the most effective things you can do to make a product more usable.

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Let's talk

How can we help you improve your product's accessibility?

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