Thank You!

Melissa Xie

Happy Thanksgiving! Once again, we’d like to share all we are thankful for in this past year.

Our teammates and our loved ones

Thank you to all our teammates, far and near, who continue to make thoughtbot such a wonderful place to be a part of. We’ve accomplished a great deal together through client projects, open source, community events, producing awesome content, managing offices and company-wide operations, and many more things that not only keep us going but also happy.

Thank you to our loved ones — families, friends, partners, and pets — for their support.

Our customers

Thank you to our clients, who entrust us with their ideas and mission, and keep us excited to collaborate and solve challenges together.

Thank you to our Upcase subscribers, FormKeep users, and those who use Hound to keep their code in style.

Thank you to our mobile users who check the weather on Tropos, fight in space on Rototo, keep up their GIF game on Poppins, and now check how late their train is on Purple Train.

Thank you to all the listeners of our podcasts and the readers of our e-books.

Our podcast guests

Thank you to all of our amazing guests who shared their thoughts, jokes, experiences, and expertise with us on our podcasts:

Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots - Ashe Dryden, Brian Balfour, Eric Normand, Hiten Shah, Laura Roeder, Lincoln Murphy, Mike Perham, Ryan Buckley, and Steli Efti.

The Bike Shed - Aaron Patterson, Ashley Williams, José Valim, Katherine Fellows, Katrina Owen, Rafael Franca, Sandi Metz, Steve Klabnik, and Terence Lee.

Build Phase - Chris Eidhoff.

The Laila & Brenda Show - Jessie Young and Daniel X. Moore.

Thank you to Derrick Reimer and Nick Gauthier for being excellent guest co-hosts on Giant Robots.

Our business partners

Thank you to Gesmer Updegrove and to Ashfords for handling our legal needs in the US and UK, respectively.

Thank you to Supporting Strategies for handling our accounting and bookkeeping.

Thank you to BCA Benefits Group, Commonwealth Financial Group, Platinum Pension Group, and DC Advisors for helping us manage our benefits.

Thank you to CENTRL Office and WeWork Congress in Portland, CityCoHo in Philadelpha, The Park in Stockholm, Industrious in Raleigh, and WeWork in Austin for hosting our offices in their coworking spaces.

Open source maintainers and contributors

Thank you to every person who contributes to our open source projects, whether through reporting an issue, commenting with their feedback, or submitting a pull request.

Thank you to the creators, core teams, and contributors of the programming languages and tools we use every day — Angular, Carthage, Cocoapods, Django, Elm, Elixir, Emacs, Ember, Go, Godeps, Haml, Haskell, Neovim, Phoenix, Postgres, RSpec, React, Redis, Redux, Rubocop, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Sass, Slim, Swift, rbenv, vi, vim.

Thank you to the Docker team for Docker and the Docker Captains who share their knowledge and expertise on the platform.

Thank you to the Homebrew team for building and maintaining the Homebrew package manager on OS X.

Thank you to the OpenBSD community for their work on OpenSSH, tmux, and LibreSSL.

Our service providers

Thank you to CodeClimate and CircleCI for providing insight about the quality of our code.

Thank you to Dribbble for inspiring us and letting us share our visions.

Thank you to Dropbox and Fastly for hosting large design assets and important files.

Thank you to Fog Creek Software for Trello, helping us stay on top of our ideas and tasks.

Thank you to GitHub for hosting all of our open source and private code.

Thank you to Heroku for the platform that we use to deploy and manage our applications.

Thank you to Namely for helping us manage our payroll and benefits, and conduct performance reviews.

Thank you to, Rails Assets, Hex, and npm for hosting software which makes our lives easier.

Thank you to Slack for enabling our team to stay connected with each other across thousands of miles.

Thank you to Google Fonts for serving up fonts for us and our clients.

Thank you to Workable for providing us a streamlined way to find amazing new teammates.

Event organizers and our local communities

Thank you to event organizers all over the world who host and facilitate events and meetups or allow us to do so. Their support continues to inspire and grow designer and developer communities all around the world.

Thank you to everyone in our local communities of Austin, Boston, Denver, London, New York City, Portland, Raleigh, San Francisco, Stockholm, and Washington, D.C. with whom we’ve gotten to know and share these experiences.

And you

Thank you for reading, listening, and talking to us this year. Thank you for giving us your feedback, being part of our community, and having us be a part of yours.


Summer Summit group photo