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San Francisco design, iOS, Android, and Ruby on Rails development studio

We opened our San Francisco office in 2012, and have been working primarily with startups such as Postmates, Tile, Kespry, and CareZone. Our San Francisco-based clients have raised more than $2 billion in venture capital, and today employ more than 5,000 people.

Make great things with us in the City by The Bay

An ideal project for us is one where our client clearly understands their users' jobs to be done. We can help you get your first product off the ground or work on new releases of an existing product.

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Meet the San Francisco team

    • Dan Croak
    • Carlo Iyog
    • Greg Lazarev
    • Tony DiPasquale
    • Developer and CMO

      Dan Croak

      Dan oversees thoughtbot's growth efforts. He loves retention curves, funnel analysis, conversion rate optimization, APIs, and writing Ruby, JavaScript, Go, and Markdown... in Vim. He maintains the Laptop script and Parity.

    • Director of Workplace Experience

      Carlo Iyog

      Carlo is passionate about building happy and healthy communities. His curiosity about human behavior fuels his projects on sustainability, culture, productivity, and workplace happiness, and beyond.

    • Development Director

      Greg Lazarev

      Greg leads our San Francisco web development team. When it comes to spoken languages, Greg speaks several. When it comes to programming languages, Greg is always looking to pick up a new one. Besides languages, Greg is fond of hiking, camping, backpacking, and just being outdoors in general. When indoors, Greg loves a good book, board game, or a movie.

    • Developer

      Tony DiPasquale

      A roll dog at heart, Tony graduated from Northeastern University with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. He's been programming since his childhood and has done a bit of everything from full stack web development to native mobile apps. He still retains his love of hardware and is always looking for ways to combine that knowledge with software wizardry. When he's not working or hacking on fun side projects, you will find him working out with the November Project community early in the mornings.

    • Chris Thorn
    • May Miller-Ricci
    • James Martinez
    • Steven Harley
    • Developer

      Chris Thorn

      Chris has been a consulting developer since 2007. He came to the Bay Area from Mississippi by way of Alaska. He has recently taken an interest in photography and sewing, and thinks the weather here is boring 😝

    • Developer

      May Miller-Ricci

      May is originally from the East Coast but has been in the Bay Area for 10 years. She has a background in education and taught abroad in the Marshall Islands and Costa Rica and worked in educational research before falling in love with coding and switching careers to web development. She loves crossword puzzles, La Croix, and the ocean.

    • Mobile Director

      James Martinez

      James Martinez, thoughtbot’s Director of Mobile, is responsible for leading and growing thoughtbot’s mobile development team. Prior to thoughtbot, James spent time consulting and led multiple product development initiatives for clients such as IDEO, Hulu, and Stanford. James currently resides in San Francisco, and when he’s not working, he can be found eating a burrito in the Mission, exploring the outdoors, or racing his motorcycle.

    • Designer

      Steven Harley

      Steven is a SF transplant originating in Michigan, by way of Michigan State University. With a background in psychology, Steven is fascinated by how we interact and behave on the web. He enjoys spending his free time with his dog wandering the hills of Silicon Valley or exploring SF's finest coffee shops and eateries. Get in touch with him – @smharley.

    • Jake Craige
    • Isabel Magdaleno
    • Tyler Mitchell
    • Amanda Hill
    • Developer

      Jake Craige

      Jake is a developer with an insatiable thirst for learning. He first dipped his toe into programming with a homegrown PHP app and had so much fun he decided to pursue a career in it. Years later, he's now knowledgeable in a variety of programming languages and frameworks and is having as much fun as he did when he started.

    • Office Manager

      Isabel Magdaleno

      Isabel brings experience in non-profits to thoughtbot, and an irrational love of office design and creating systems of operation. A native Californian, Isabel's free time is taken up with volunteering, writing, and exploring San Francisco.

    • Designer

      Tyler Mitchell

    • Developer

      Amanda Hill

      A not-so-recent grad from Cornell University, Amanda was born and raised in NYC. She loves street vendor hot dogs, white sneakers, and taking pictures of food. When she's not blogging about her culinary confections, she can be found cursing at Gradle or trying to convert everyone she meets to the wonderful world of functional reactive programming!

    • Derrick Carr
    • Morgane Santos
    • Developer

      Derrick Carr

      Derrick likes to listen more than he talks. When he's not coding, you'll probably find him buried in a poetry book or graphic novel.

    • Designer

      Morgane Santos

      Morgane is weirdly alive and loving every minute of it.