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A web and mobile app design and development company in San Francisco

We’ve been in San Francisco since 2012, working with great clients like Postmates, Tile, SharesPost, and more.

A web design company with a proven track-record.

At thoughtbot San Francisco, our designers are researchers, art directors, user experience architects, and programmers. Whatever stage of design you need, we can help.

We use Design Sprints to build products from scratch, refresh existing products, or discover innovative new features for your current users. Contact us to talk about how thoughtbot Designers could help your business.

Our design tools:

A web development company with expertise along the entire product lifecycle.

We’ve continuously refined our design, development, and workflow process over the years, and wrote a book about them. We’re a web development company that keeps our tools sharp and our process effective. We’d love to learn how you do things at your organization and trade notes. Contact us to chat.

Our development tools:

A mobile app design and development company that chooses the right tool for the job.

We utilize the latest approaches in Swift, Android, and React Native mobile app development to give our clients an edge in quality and time to market. Contact us to talk about your mobile app project.

Our mobile app development tools:

Meet the San Francisco team

    • Skipper Chong Warson
    • Kate Tsunoda
    • Todd Morningstar
    • Steven Harley
    • Design Director

      Skipper Chong Warson

      Skipper, born at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, lived in Seoul, Korea for the first few years of his life. And for the last decade, he traversed the length of Manhattan and Brooklyn working in product design for the likes of PBS Frontline, Mediabistro, and Fjord among others. Now, he explores the Bay Area with his wife, growing kid, and a rescue Korean jindo.

    • Managing Director

      Kate Tsunoda

      Kate sets the San Francisco studio's strategic direction, leads its business, mentors project teams, and supports client relationships. On the weekends, you can find Kate watercoloring, cycling, and eating spicy pickles.

    • Developer

      Todd Morningstar

      Todd Morningstar, a developer at thoughtbot, Inc., is a talented Rubyist and lover of human-centric technology. Todd began his career building new media platforms, and scaling content systems to receive mega millions of views. He has also authored many greenfield projects, optimized medical billing reporting systems, and built IoT device management services. While Todd’s preferred stack involves Rails and JavaScript, he has honed skills with Elixir, Python, Scala, PHP, SQL, GraphQL, DevOps, and more. When not arduously improving the internet, Todd recharges with Kung Fu, powerlifting, digital painting, or warping synthesizers with midi keyboards. His biggest weakness is for his pitbull’s adorable pouts. If you're in the market for building great web applications, Todd would love to grab a cup of tea and hear about your latest technology challenges!

    • Designer

      Steven Harley

      Steven is a SF transplant originating in Michigan, by way of Michigan State University. With a background in psychology, Steven is fascinated by how we interact and behave on the web. He enjoys spending his free time with his dog wandering the hills of Silicon Valley or exploring SF's finest coffee shops and eateries. Get in touch with him – @smharley.

    • Kane Baccigalupi
    • Beth Haubert
    • Derrick Carr
    • Olivia McGoffin
    • Development Director

      Kane Baccigalupi

      I like making and fixing things. In the tech industry I have worn many hats: CTO, consultant, product. I worked in government trying to unbreak the broken with @18f and the California Department of Technology. In a former life I worked on CERN's ATLAS detector, and was a graphic designer.

    • Developer

      Beth Haubert

      Beth is a software engineer who loves Ruby, little-known APIs, handcrafting SQL queries, and as many monitors on her desk as possible. She’s also a former airborne cryptologic linguist for the US Air Force, fluent in Mandarin. Things you can ask her about include cats, board games, karaoke, and building applications that convert songs into auto-tuned cat meows. Things she'll have to kill you if you ask her about: the airborne linguist part. Also, she likes to make emojis look like they're farting. 🐈💨

    • Senior Developer

      Derrick Carr

      Derrick likes to listen more than he talks. When he's not coding, you'll probably find him buried in a poetry book or graphic novel.

    • Developer

      Olivia McGoffin

      Olivia’s insatiable appetite for adventures and challenges is what drew her to the field of web development. It started in Colorado, where Olivia studied Physics for these very reasons and cultivated her love of teaching and learning. She took this love abroad, and while teaching science and math in Azerbaijan was inspired to learn web development in order to help growing businesses. She moved to San Francisco in 2015 with this goal in mind. Most recently, she combined these two passions to teach her Introduction to Programming course (with an emphasis on web languages) at Stanford University. In her free time, you will find Olivia playing guitar, sewing, and spending time with her husband lost in the woods, going boldly where no one has gone before.

    • Camille Baclay
    • Jessica Oceguera
    • May Miller-Ricci
    • Chris Thorn
    • Office Manager

      Camille Baclay

      Camille is the Office Manager for the San Francisco office. She works to ensure the office is a home away from home and the SF team has opportunities for building with each other and their community. When she's not in the office, you can find her volunteering at her sons’ schools, binging on a Netflix series, or exploring the streets of SF.

    • Local Marketing Manager

      Jessica Oceguera

    • Senior Developer

      May Miller-Ricci

      May is originally from the East Coast but has been in the Bay Area for 10 years. She has a background in education and taught abroad in the Marshall Islands and Costa Rica and worked in educational research before falling in love with coding and switching careers to web development. She loves crossword puzzles, La Croix, and the ocean.

    • Senior Developer

      Chris Thorn

      Chris has been a consulting developer since 2007. He came to the Bay Area from Mississippi by way of Alaska. He has recently taken an interest in photography and sewing, and thinks the weather here is boring 😝

    • Sweta Sanghavi
    • Yamilah Atallah
    • Developer

      Sweta Sanghavi

      Developer in SF

    • Designer

      Yamilah Atallah

      Yamilah Atallah (jah•MEE•lah ah•tah•LAH) is a designer and front-end developer based in Redwood City, CA, working out of the thoughtbot San Francisco studio. She studied graphic design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, graduating summa cum laude in 2015. She’s been with thoughtbot as a designer since August 2018. In her time at thoughtbot, her clients have included Houseparty, True Botanicals, Bulletproof Coffee, and The County of San Mateo. Her work lies at the intersection of product, business, and engineering; it encompasses a wide-range of areas, including visual design, illustration, user experience, front-end development, product strategy, and product validation. Often described as a “full stack designer,” she focuses on finding the right process for the right problem at the right time. Yamilah has experience in every step of the product development life cycle: whether that’s conducting user research, validating a product or feature, building designs or design systems in Figma, or shipping code. Prior to joining thoughtbot, she worked at LevelUp Agency, partnering with clients like Zaxby's, Pret-A-Manger, Clean Juice, Cowboy Chicken, and Noon Mediterranean to create apps connecting eaters and restaurants. She has also worked in a number of startup contexts--mostly based out of Boston, MA--where she first realized the value of contributing to teams as a full stack designer.

Visit our office

795 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
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