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A web and mobile app design and development company in New York City

We've been in New York since 2013, working with great clients like Groupon, Merck, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and more.

A web design company with a proven track-record.

At thoughtbot New York City, our designers are researchers, art directors, user experience architects, and programmers. Whatever stage of design you need, we can help.

We use Design Sprints to build products from scratch, refresh existing products, or discover innovative new features for your current users. Contact us to talk about how thoughtbot Designers could help your business.

Our design tools:

A web development company with expertise along the entire product lifecycle.

We've continuously refined our design, development, and workflow process over the years, and wrote a book about them. We're a web development company that keeps our tools sharp and our process effective. We'd love to learn how you do things at your organization and trade notes. Contact us to chat.

Our development tools:

A mobile app design and development company that chooses the right tool for the job.

We utilize the latest approaches in Swift, Android, and React Native mobile app development to give our clients an edge in quality and time to market. Contact us to talk about your mobile app project.

Our mobile app development tools:

Meet the New York team

    • Stephanie Kuroda
    • George Brocklehurst
    • Johny Ho
    • Daniel Barber
    • Office Manager

      Stephanie Kuroda

      Stephanie has a passion for helping people do what they're meant to do. Originally from Hawaii, her creative problem-solving and organization served her well as an editor, educator, actor, and pizza chef. She loves New York's artistic offerings and can often be found in a theatre or one of its many comedy clubs.

    • Development Director

      George Brocklehurst

      George leads our New York City web development team. He's been building Web sites professionally since 2005. Before joining thoughtbot he wrote Ruby and Python for startups in London and Stockholm, and built Mac apps like Choosy. George holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Manchester in the UK. He enjoys tea, cycling, and playing Go.

    • Developer

      Johny Ho

    • Senior Developer

      Daniel Barber

      Daniel is a design literate developer, drummer and all round musician, who spends his days quietly noodling away on his guitar at thoughtbot NYC. Sometimes he stops playing long enough to write a bit of code.

    • Tyson Gach
    • Mike Burns
    • Sarah Dawson
    • Eric Collins
    • Design Director

      Tyson Gach

      Tyson hails from the Midwest and has been dabbling in the Web since the days of GeoCities. He actively contributes to open-source software and is passionate about inclusive design and making the Web a more accessible place for everyone. Outside of technology, Tyson enjoys indulging in pie, coffee and tiki cocktails.

    • Senior Developer

      Mike Burns

      Mike solves problems that involve Ruby, C, Python, Haskell, shell, security, Free Software, OpenBSD, vim, debugging, management, and telling the truth.

      PGP fingerprint:
      5FD8 2CE6 A646 3285 538F
      C3A5 3E67 61F7 2846 B014

    • Developer

      Sarah Dawson

      Midwestern transplant with a penchant for crafts and parks. I enjoy working with Python and Django and I'm looking forward to developing expertise in Ruby!

    • Senior Developer

      Eric Collins

      Eric has always enjoyed learning and sharing new ideas. He was particularly drawn to code as a tool for change when he took a class in college where he developed educational software for elementary students. After spending time working abroad in Taiwan, he moved to New York, where he fell in love with Ruby and has been sharing that love with others through mentoring and teaching. While not typing away on Emacs, Eric can be found traveling the world or enjoying the outdoors with his corgi.

    • Daniel Colson
    • Kevin Kwon
    • Sid Raval
    • Ruti Wajnberg
    • Developer

      Daniel Colson

      Daniel has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. He spent several years as a professor of music, and he enjoys thinking about the similarities between great music and great software. When Daniel is not busy creating things, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog.

    • Designer

      Kevin Kwon

    • Senior Developer

      Sid Raval

      Climbing, biking, coffee, beer, math and (functional) programming.

    • Senior Developer

      Ruti Wajnberg

      After 8 years as a Product Leader at several startups and one giant corporation, I built relationships with users and was the first to hear what they wanted. That, combined with my compulsion to get things done, led me into Software Development. When I'm not coding, you can find me outdoors (running, cycling, hiking, or swimming), cooking with my farmer's market bounty, or attempting to reupholster old furniture.

    • Matt Jankowski
    • Elisa Verna
    • Han Lee
    • Christina Entcheva
    • Developer and COO

      Matt Jankowski

      Matt works with our internal management teams and other leadership to ensure the company's overall success. He serves as an advisor to our clients and as an official liaison to relevant industry groups. Prior to joining thoughtbot Matt was the CTO of a publishing technology startup. He has decades of experience as an Internet wrangling generalist, and holds a B.S. in Technical Communication from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

    • Developer

      Elisa Verna

      Elisa made way to NYC from Maryland via Pittsburgh 10 years ago, and after a few (ok, 3) career changes, followed her passion for building and became a developer. In her free time she trains in powerlifting, is trying to perfect her pierogi recipe and really, really wants to see photos of your cat.

    • A designer who loves good coffee, infographics, editorial layout, Wes Anderson movies, and most of the DIY projects. A master of making useless things out of Amazon boxes. Also, a huge fan of innovative naming conventions, clean indentation, and fancy comments in coding! ;)

    • Senior Developer

      Christina Entcheva

      Christina is a developer with a background in product management and design leadership. She's an internationally exhibited artist (one of her animated GIFs is in the permanent collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art), and a fervent salad enthusiast.

    • Vendela Larsson
    • Sean Doyle
    • Steven Neamonitakis
    • Conor Devine
    • Designer

      Vendela Larsson

      I grew up around designers and artists and found a love of coding during her time at Northeastern University. I'm a big fan of design systems and making things cohesive. I grew up in Sweden and sleep with the window open most of the winter and own a lot of jackets. I also believe you can eat ice cream any time of year.

    • Senior Developer

      Sean Doyle

      Sean loves developing for the web. He enjoys tight feedback loops, warm weather, and road trips.

    • Designer

      Steven Neamonitakis

      For the past 7 years, I've been working at startups Next Big Sound and Splice, exploring music and its potential to create impact through social networks. When I'm not designing, you'll usually find me building mechanical keyboards, practicing transcendental meditation, at the gym or tending to my cat-son, Birdie. A lover of music from a young age, I enjoy playing drums, bass, piano and produce music from time to time with friends.

    • Developer

      Conor Devine

    • Sarah Cassidy
    • Keiran King
    • Daniel Garcia
    • Dimitry Nazarov
    • Adam Sharp
    • Diana Bald
    • Jesse Bailey
    • John Wu
    • Developer

      Adam Sharp

      Adam is an Aussie who moved from a small town to the big city so that he could slow down in life. He spends his days writing Swift, and his evenings exploring New York City. He loves discovering new ways to think about code and abusing programming metaphors to gain insight into life.

    • Managing Director

      Diana Bald

      Diana leverages a unique skill set in technology, strategy, business development, marketing, media, and partnerships to guide entrepreneurs and business leaders towards growth and building sustainable products.

    • Developer

      Jesse Bailey

      A developer with a love for solving problems and creating things that help people do what they love. Has a slight addiction for international travel, wilderness activities, reading to discover truths about the world, a good cup of coffee, and writing poetry and short musings.

    • Developer

      John Wu

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1384 Broadway
20th Floor
New York, NY 10018
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