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Raleigh design, Ember, and Elixir development studio

We opened our Raleigh studio in 2013. You can find us eating mac and cheese at Poole’s, drinking horchata at Centro, or scoping out the produce at the State Farmer’s Market. We love the fast-growing tech scene here, the small-town feel, and living in the best city in the country for raising a family.

Build something great with us in the City of Oaks

An ideal project for us is one where where our client cares about their users’ jobs to be done. We can help you get your first product off the ground. Or, we can work on new releases, internal tools, or re-write sub-systems.

Contact us to chat about design thinking, bringing your product to market, or the trade-offs of JavaScript frameworks and different back-ends.

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Meet the Raleigh team

    • David Bernheisel
    • Jason Draper
    • Emily Bahna
    • Christian Reuter
    • Developer

      David Bernheisel

      David grew up in the 90s in Atlanta, GA during the age of AOL’s iconic “Welcome!” sound, Warcraft II, Prince of Persia, and dial-up. He was exposed to 286 computers with orange DOS prompts by his parents, a mechanical engineer and telecom engineer. During high school and after making an AOL program that colorized text for chatrooms, David decided that making applications was his favorite thing to do; that it blended the right amount of leadership, design, building, and cultural evolution. Lately, he’s been fascinated with Elixir and Phoenix, NativeScript, and the fact that his 3 large dogs are too crazy for their own good.

    • Development Director

      Jason Draper

      Jason leads our Raleigh web development team. He loves building tools that help organizations get their jobs done more efficiently. Recently he's become obsessed with Elixir, Elm and all things functional.

    • Managing Director

      Emily Bahna

      Emily leads our Raleigh office. She brings user-centered design thinking and creative energy to business development, user experience, research, product design, art direction, branding, and content strategy, all towards the mission of helping organizations make a positive impact. When not strategizing, Emily loves spending time with her philosopher husband, two kids, and her cat, Percy.

    • Design Director

      Christian Reuter

      Christian leads our Raleigh design team. He enjoys designing and building good products for good people, and believes that we can use design as a tool to take better care of our users. When not designing, Christian enjoys backpacking in the Blue Ridge, playing board games, and geeking out about coffee.