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A web and mobile app design and development company in London

We’ve been in London for more than 10 years, working with great clients like Red Bull, Walt Disney, and the UK government. Along the way, we created successful developer-facing products PandaStream and Pusher.

A digital product company with a proven track-record.

At thoughtbot London, our team of designers and developers are researchers, user experience architects, consultants and programmers.

Featured Clients:

A team of experts who put your customers at the centre of product design

Our designers use design sprints to build products from scratch, refresh existing products, or discover innovate new features for your current users. Contact us to talk about how thoughtbot can help your business.

Our design tools:

A web development company with expertise along the entire product lifecycle.

We’ve continuously refined our design, development, and workflow process over the years, and wrote a book about them. We’re a web development company that keeps our tools sharp and our process effective. We’d love to learn how you do things at your organisation and trade notes. Contact us to chat.

Our development tools:

A local mobile app design and development company that’s ready to help you scale quickly

We utilise the latest approaches in mobile app development, both native and cross-platform to give our clients an edge in quality and time to market. Contact us to talk about your mobile app project.

Our mobile app development tools:

Meet the London team

    • Miles Johnson
    • Nick Charlton
    • Jonas Meinerz
    • Pablo Brasero Moreno
    • Designer

      Miles Johnson

      Miles is a designer from New Haven, CT.

    • Development Team Lead

      Nick Charlton

      After starting out as a freelancer working with iOS and Ruby, Nick founded a startup where he worked on an iOS app & API for fitness classes. At thoughtbot, he continues to move deeper into the world of Ruby and Swift.

    • Senior Developer

      Jonas Meinerz

      When Jonas was 4 years old his dream was to become a violinist. At the age of 5 he discovered computers. For a while now he has been building things for the internet. So far, he has not touched a violin yet.

    • Developer

      Pablo Brasero Moreno

      Pablo plays with computers all day. On occasion he's angry at them. Sometimes software products come out the other side. All this while listening to heavy metal and pretending he can play bass guitar.

    • John Bannister
    • Luke Mitchell
    • Masha Cernivec
    • Kate Gleeson
    • Development Team Lead

      John Bannister

      John started playing with programming when he was 14 and found Dreamweaver's selection of Flash buttons too limiting. Since then, he's become a fan of Ruby, Crystal, and React Native. However, he would still be happy to spend more time talking about improv or D&D instead.

    • Designer

      Luke Mitchell

      Luke is a designer from the east of England. Not scared to break convention, and always looking forward – He is happiest creating simple, usable and interesting interfaces. He usually tells people that he "makes websites look pretty and stuff".

    • Developer

      Masha Cernivec

      With a diverse background, Masha then joined the web development industry. She likes to experiment with the Raspberry Pi, and her favourite personal project is a speech recognition translation application.

    • Developer

      Kate Gleeson

      Kate studied English Literature at Cambridge and Medicine at King's College London, and did several other interesting things before discovering that computer programming is the Most Interesting Thing.

    • Rob Whittaker
    • Rakesh Arunachalam
    • Lloyd Bennett
    • Kirsten Hurley
    • Development Director

      Rob Whittaker

      Rob is a developer at our London office. He has a not-so quiet obsession with best practices and striving for continuous improvement. In his spare time he likes to hunt down delicious beers and coffees. As a Stoke City season ticket holder, he regularly travels back to the grim north to support his beloved Potters.

    • Developer

      Rakesh Arunachalam

      Front-end developer passionate about JavaScript and design.

    • Designer

      Lloyd Bennett

      Lloyd is a Designer at thoughtbot’s London office. He is an advocate of component based design and formulating them into brand style guides. He is a big Manchester United fan and prefers his cereal with warm milk.

    • Managing Director

      Kirsten Hurley

Visit our office

2nd Floor, Griffin Court,
15 Long Lane, Barbican,
London, EC1A 9PN
United Kingdom
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