Resources to level up your technical team

For leaders who care about quality code and continuous improvement, we've pulled together some of thoughtbot's most popular resources to help your team be successful.

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The biggest value has been the thoughtbot best practices and processes that we've adopted as our own. They are a best-in-class organization for development and DevOps. They can level up your team and transform your technical culture for the better.

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Patrick Cushing
Founder and CEO, WorkHands

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Recorded Panel

How to sell technical debt to the business

Learn strategies to sell technical debt projects to your business counterparts in this expert panel with tech leaders from Toast, TuneCore, Univision, and John Hancock.

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For hosts of the virtual tech debt panel.

Choosing the right platforms

In the thoughtbot Playbook we've documented considerations for choosing a platform from programming language, to frameworks, to databases and more.

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Teikametrics testimonial

thoughtbot left me with a much more seasoned team than I had started with, a better architecture, and a much clearer roadmap. Even to this day, the DNA from thoughtbot’s early engagement lives through the company. They really set us up for the success we are today.

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Aatish Salvi
CTO, Teikametrics

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featured Article

Best Resources to Upskill Your Technical Team

The world of software is in constant motion and so is your team. New technologies come and go, whole platforms emerge, teammates leave and new ones join. As a manager, how can you help your team, both neophytes and veterans, get better at their craft? In this article, thoughtbot Principal Developer, Joël Quenneville, has aggregated some go-to resources.

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Adwerx quote

We had a great nucleus of talent that was missing out on senior mentorship around tools and best practices. Working with thoughtbot not only activated the potential within the team, it accelerated it.

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Josh Bielick
CTO, Adwerx

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Design-led development

Integrating Design

A design-led approach to understanding users and creating great software has been our approach from the start. In the design section of our playbook, your team can learn more about recommended design processes, tools, and frameworks.

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What does success look like for your project?