Giving Thanks

Melissa Xie

It’s that time of year again — Happy Thanksgiving to all! We’d like to take the time to remember all that we’re thankful for this year.

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Our teammates and our families

Thank you to all of our teammates for the amazing work they do on client projects, open source, podcast production, office management, blog posts, authoring books, and everything that makes thoughtbot a great place to work.

Thank you to our families for their support.

Our clients and customers

Thank you to over a hundred clients this year who provided us with unique challenges, ideas, and inspiration for the work that we do.

Thank you to everyone who’s purchased our e-books, and to all of our FormKeep, Hound, and Upcase customers.

Software as a Service providers

Thank you to Heroku, Amazon, and Fastly for your awesome application and asset hosting of our applications.

Thank you to Slack, Trello, and Basecamp for great team communication tools.

Thank you to CodeClimate, CircleCI, TravisCI, and Hound for keeping our code and tests high quality, secure, and beautiful.

Thank you to Segment, New Relic, Splunk, Google Analytics, and Mixpanel for helping us understand what is happening in our production applications.

Thank you to Intercom for helping us communicate better with our customers.

Thank you to GitHub for hosting all of our open source and private code.

Thank you to for hosting software which makes our lives easier.

Thank you to Dropbox for hosting our design assets and important files.

Thank you to Dribbble for inspiring us.

Thank you to Typekit for serving up fonts for us and our clients.

Thank you to Google for Gmail, Analytics, Adwords, Hangouts, and Search.

Thank you to Apple for providing the tools for iOS development.

Business partners

Thank you to Gesmer Updegrove for handling our legal needs.

Thank you to for handling our accounting and bookkeeping.

Thank you to Galvanize in Denver for our previous coworking space.

Thank you to The Park in Stockholm, American Underground in Raleigh, WeWork in New York City, CityCoHo in Philadelpha, and Capital Factory in Austin for the coworking space.

Open source contributors

Thank you to every person who submits a pull request to our open source projects, even the ones we don’t merge.

Thank you to Linus Torvalds and Junio Hamano for Git.

Thank you to Matz and the Ruby core team for Ruby.

Thank you to DHH, the Rails core team, and the Rails community for Rails.

Thank you to both the Ruby and Rails security teams for tirelessly working to keep applications safe.

Thank you to Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale, and the rest of the core team for Ember.

Thank you to Yehuda Katz and Carl Lerche for Bundler.

Thank you to John Resig for jQuery.

Thank you to Jonas Nicklas for Capybara.

Thank you to KDE, Apple, Google, Trolltech, and Nokia for Webkit and QtWebKit, which enabled our capybara-webkit.

Thank you to Google and Paul Irish for Chrome Developer Tools.

Thank you to Bill Joy, Bram Moolenaar, and Tim Pope for making and improving Vim, our preferred text editor since forever.

Thank you to the many Postgres committers for a rock-solid and always-improving database.

Thank you to Mattt Thompson for AFNetworking and NSHipster.

Thank you to Allen Ding, Marin Usalj, Peter Kim, and all the contributors to Kiwi and Specta/Expecta for making TDD in Objective-C a viable option.

Thank you to Brian Gesiak and the team behind Quick and Nimble for bringing BDD to Swift.

Thank you to Elloy Durán, Fabio Pelosin, Orta Therox, and the rest of the core team for CocoaPods, bringing dependency management in Objective-C into the modern age.

Thank you to Hampton Catlin, Natalie Weizenbaum, and Chris Eppstein for Haml and Sass.

Thank you to Thomas Reynolds and Ben Hollis for the awesome static site generator, Middleman.

Thank you to David Chelimsky and Myron Marston for RSpec, which we use on all our apps.

Thank you to Max Howell, Jack Nagel, Adam Vandenberg, and Mike McQuaid for Homebrew, making it simple to install dependencies like C compilers, Postgres, The Silver Searcher, Exuberant Ctags, tmux, ImageMagick, Redis, Qt, NVM, and rbenv on OS X.

Thank you to Sam Stephenson and Mislav Marohnić for rbenv.

Thank you to the OpenBSD community for their work on OpenSSH, tmux, and LibreSSL.

Event organizers, hosts, and attendees

Thank you to the local tech communities and event organizers for providing a calendar full of great talks, project nights, and more: Dan Pickett, Mark Bates, and Johnny Boursiquot for Boston.rb; Damon Clinkscales for Cafe Bedouins and Austin on Rails, Nola Stowe for Austin.rb; Josh Knowles and Bryan Helmkamp for NYC.rb; Jearvon Dharrie for Philly.rb; and Brandon Mathis, TJ Stankus, and Nathan Walls for Triangle.rb; and the organizers of the CocoaHeads meetups in various cities.

Thank you to Brightcove, ZenDesk, ApartmentList, The Park, SUP46, Comcast Center, Rally Software, WebAssign, Capital Factory, and Galvanize for hosting fun Ruby, Vim, and Ember meetups in Boston, San Francisco, Stockholm, Philly, Raleigh, Austin and Denver.

Thank you to Microsoft NERD for providing their space for our Boston I/O event.

Thank you to Alamo Ritz Drafthouse for providing their space for Keep Ruby Weird.

Thank you to the organizers of all the great conferences we attended this year, bringing together those passionate about design, Ruby, iOS, open source, Vim, Unix, and more: eurucamp, Øredev, AltConf, Brooklyn Beta, Clojure/conj, CSS Dev Conference, CocoaConf, CocoaLove, EdgeConf, EmberConf, Forge Conf, Functional Swift Conference, FutureJS, GoRuCo, GopherCon, HopeX, Keep Ruby Weird,, LaConf, Launch, Nickel City Ruby, NSConference, NSNorth, NeoCon, QCon NYC, RailsConf, RealtimeConf, RubyConf, RubyConf Argentina, RubyConf Portugal, RubyKaigi, Rubyfaza, Sass Conf, Scottish Ruby Conf, Visualized, Warm Gun, Wicked Good Ember, and Windy City Rails.

Thank you to everyone who’s attended the meetups and events we host and organize.

And thank you too for reading, commenting, and making us think.