Geoff Harcourt

Happy Thanksgiving! Every November we like to remember who and what we’re thankful for this past year.

Our current and new teammates

Thank you to our teammates for creating such an amazing place to work. Our team works together building client projects, making our own products, managing our operations, creating awesome content, and teaching each other and the community how to do things better.

Thank you to our families and partners for their support.

We’re also thankful for a new group of teammates in London who have just joined thoughtbot from New Bamboo. Welcome!

Our customers

Thank you to our clients who entrust us with their ideas and mission. The work we do with you on design and development is what gets us excited.

Thank you to our Upcase subscribers, FormKeep users, and coders who keep their code in style with Hound.

Thank you to mobile users who check the weather with Tropos, fight alien hordes in Rototo, or organize and share their sweet GIF collection with Poppins.

Thank you to anyone who bought one of our books.

Business partners

Thank you to Gesmer Updegrove for handling our legal needs in the US and Ashfords for doing the same in the UK.

Thank you to Supporting Strategies for handling our accounting and bookkeeping.

Thank you to Avison Young, Vocon, NVS, IG Construction, and Pronto for helping to design our New York office space.

Thank you to Centrl Office in Portland, The Park in Stockholm, Industrious in Raleigh, CityCoHo in Philadelpha, and Capital Factory in Austin for hosting our offices in your co-working spaces.

Open source contributors and maintainers

Thank you to every person who contributes to our open source projects, whether through reporting an issue, commenting with your feedback, or submitting a pull request.

Thank you to Matz and the Ruby Core team for Ruby.

Thank you to DHH and the Rails Core team for Ruby on Rails.

Thank you to the RSpec team for RSpec, which we use on all our Ruby apps.

Thank you to Bozhidar Batsov for Rubocop.

Thank you to Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale, and the Ember Core team for Ember.

Thank you to Pete Hunt and Facebook for React.

Thank you to Tobias Koppers for Webpack.

Thank you to Sebastian McKenzie, James Kyle, and Steven Luscher for Babel, which enables us to use ES2015 in 2015.

Thank you to Hampton Catlin, Natalie Weizenbaum, and Chris Eppstein for Haml and Sass.

Thank you to the CocoaPods Core team for continuing to push dependency management in iOS applications forward.

Thank you to Justin Spahr-Summers, Matt Diephouse, and the rest of the team for their work on Carthage.

Thank you to Joe Groff and Chris Lattner for their efforts in the Swift community.

Thank you to the Quick and Nimble Teams for advancing BDD in Swift.

Thank you to Tom Christie for the Django REST Framework.

Thank you to Jose Valim, Chris McCord, and Eric Meadows-Jönsson for their work on Elixir and Phoenix.

Thank you to Solomon Hykes, Victor Vieux, Guillaume J. Charmes and the Docker team for Docker.

Thank you to Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, and the Go team for Go.

Thank you to Keith Rarick for Godeps.

Thank you to Bill Joy, Bram Moolenaar, and Tim Pope for making and improving Vim, our preferred text editor since forever.

Thank you to Geoff Greer for Ag (The Silver Searcher), which helps us search through files extremely quickly.

Thank you to Homebrew team for building and maintaining the Homebrew package manager on OS X.

Thank you to Sam Stephenson and Mislav Marohnić for rbenv.

Thank you to the OpenBSD community for their work on OpenSSH, tmux, and LibreSSL.

Service providers

Thank you to Heroku for their incredible platform that we use to deploy and manage our applications.

Thank you to GitHub for hosting all of our open source and private code.

Thank you to Slack, where our team stays connected with each other across thousands of miles.

Thank you to Fog Creek Software for Trello.

Thank you to Dribbble for inspiring us.

Thank you to CodeClimate and CircleCI for providing insight about the quality of our code.

Thank you to for hosting software which makes our lives easier.

Thank you to Dropbox for hosting large design assets and important files.

Thank you to Typekit for serving up fonts for us and our clients.

Thank you to Namely for helping us welcome new team members and conduct performance reviews.

Event organizers

Thank you to the event organizers in all our cities who host and facilitate events and meetups. Your support makes the continuing growth of the designer and developer communities possible.

And you

Thank you for reading and listening to us this year, giving us your feedback, and being part of our community.