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Web and Mobile App Design, Built in Boston

Creating app experiences that deliver results for over a decade

We've been designing apps for some of Boston's most disruptive companies for more than 15 years!

Featured Clients:

  • MBTA

  • MIT

  • MassChallenge

  • Autodesk

  • Constant Contact

  • ezCater

  • LevelUp

  • Teikametrics

Businesses like these have turned to thoughtbot to solve their most difficult challenges. Are you ready to see what thoughtbot can do for your business? Contact us

A team of experts who put your customers at the center of product design

At thoughtbot, our designers are researchers, art directors, user experience architects, and programmers. Whatever stage of design you need, we can help.

We use Product Design Sprints to build products from scratch, refresh existing products, and discover innovative new features for your current users. Contact us to talk about how thoughtbot designers can help your business.

Our design tools:

A web app design agency that understands the entire product lifecycle

We've continuously refined our design, development, and workflow process over the years, and wrote a book about them. We're a web development company that keeps our tools sharp and our process effective. We'd love to learn how you do things at your organization and trade notes. Contact us to chat.

Our development tools:

A local mobile app design and development company that's ready to help you scale quickly

We use the latest approaches in Swift, Android, and React Native mobile app development to give our clients an edge in quality and time to market. Contact us to talk about your mobile app project.

Our mobile app development tools:

Meet the Boston team

    • Kelly McCann
    • Chris Toomey
    • Matthew Sumner
    • Chad Pytel
    • Designer

      Kelly McCann

    • Development Director

      Chris Toomey

      Chris is a big fan of Vim and the general Unix philosophy of sharp, focused tools. He started his career as a mechanical engineer but has always had a passion for programming, specifically web development. He has worked in Visual Basic and Python, but since finding Ruby and Rails, there’s been no looking back. Outside of coding, Chris is a fan of dinner with friends, skiing, and an embarrassingly eclectic cross section of music.

    • Development Director

      Matthew Sumner

      Raised in England, on the edge of Surrey and Greater London, Matt received his MPhys from Durham University before moving to the US in 2010. Working in tech support, he taught himself Ruby and Rails and is thoughtbot's first hire of an Upcase subscriber. Matt is an avid gamer, either board or virtual varieties, and an appreciator of tea and craft beers.

    • Developer and CEO

      Chad Pytel

      Chad Pytel leads customer success and business development at thoughtbot, and is responsible for overall company strategy. He also is the host of the Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and services, and has co-authored two books: Rails AntiPatterns and Pro ActiveRecord for Ruby. Chad holds bachelor of science degrees in both Computer Science and Humanities & Arts (Drama/Theatre) from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

    • Eliza Mitchell
    • Tori Shaffrey
    • Jaclyn Perrone
    • Edward Loveall
    • Developer

      Eliza Mitchell

      Eliza is a Ruby enthusiast who also enjoys data science and strictly typed languages. If she is not coding, she's either hugging a rock 100 feet off the ground or skipping through the trees. Before becoming a developer, she was freelance editor for scientific materials. She also has some horror-themed fiction archived somewhere in the bowels of the UMass Amherst library.

    • Digital Marketing Specialist

      Tori Shaffrey

    • Design Director

      Jaclyn Perrone

      Jaclyn is a curious person who loves to ask questions. Born in New Jersey but officially a New Yorker, she is an artist turned front-end developer turned product designer. Making things and sharing them with others is what inspires her most. Some things she makes other than apps include paintings, drawings, floral arrangements, cookies, jokes, music, and sandwiches.

    • Senior Developer

      Edward Loveall

      Edward began his career as a sound designer, making silent cartoons less silent. After brief asperations of becoming a designer, he became a web developer. he now (ab)uses his skills to make Markov chains, chat clients, and webrings. "Edward" would be worth 11 points in Scrabble if it were allowed.

    • German Velasco
    • Anna Miragliuolo
    • Brian Tenggren
    • Joe Ferris
    • Senior Developer

      German Velasco

      German came to programming from a background in economics. Not the most direct route one could choose, but when he found Ruby, he realized programming was the way to go. He has since discovered how much he enjoys pair programming, practicing test-driven development, and generally thinking about good software design. More recently he has been stepping into the functional world with Elixir and Elm. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and helping out at his local church.

    • Chief People Officer

      Anna Miragliuolo

      Anna brings her experience in administration, human resources, and event planning from the non-profit realm. She enjoys traveling and eating breakfast anytime of the day.

    • Developer

      Brian Tenggren

      Boston Developer!

    • Chief Technology Officer

      Joe Ferris

      Joe provides technical leadership and support to the thoughtbot team. He has more than a hundred web applications under his belt and he's familiar with every reason you probably shouldn't use JavaScript. When he's not at his desk, you can generally find him outside, climbing something. Joe also enjoys interesting weather and type systems.

    • Thom Obarski
    • Eric Bailey
    • John Schoeman
    • Alex Sullivan
    • Producer

      Thom Obarski

      Thom studied tv/film production at DeSales University before spending nearly a decade working as a freelance editor in Los Angeles. Deciding to get a jump start on the singularity, he joined thoughtbot in 2014; and outside of the office is a podcaster, nerdy comic gamer guy & opinionated consumer with a penchant for dorky fitness involved in a dark and twisted love/hate relationship with geek-culture and run-on sentences.

    • Designer

      Eric Bailey

      Eric is a designer with a focus on UX and a passion for accessible and inclusive design. He's been fortunate enough to work for a variety of industries, including news, digital and print publishing, education, managed hosting, finance, health and human services, as well as traditional agency design. He's has a BFA from Montserrat College of Art.

    • Senior Developer

      John Schoeman

    • Senior Developer

      Alex Sullivan

      Mobile developer who develops for mobile things!

    • Anthony Moffa
    • Devin Jameson
    • Lindsey Christensen
    • Amanda Beiner
    • Developer

      Anthony Moffa

      Anthony found his way into web development while pursuing a career in neuroscience research. He fell in love with Ruby and Rails while he was building one of his first projects in his free time, a client management and billing system for his father's landscaping company. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, playing guitar and video games. Anthony has a passion for self-improvement and practices Zen meditation.

    • Apprentice

      Devin Jameson

      Prior to joining thoughtbot, Devin co-founded and managed operations at Eversound. He loves design, product strategy, and building things with others. In his free time, he enjoys producing electronic music, observing his two cats, and playing video games.

    • Chief Marketing Officer

      Lindsey Christensen

    • Developer

      Amanda Beiner

      Amanda began her career in book publishing before becoming a developer. She enjoys solving tricky problems with clean, well-tested code. Outside of work, you can find her volunteering at Railsbridge and petting as many dogs as possible.

    • Eunjee Yoon
    • Jeff Stolz
    • Josh Clayton
    • Wil Hall
    • Recruiting and Onboarding Specialist

      Eunjee Yoon

    • Designer

      Jeff Stolz

      An architect in a previous life, Jeff became hooked on making software and hasn't looked back. You can catch him playing nerdy board games in his spare time.

    • Managing Director

      Josh Clayton

      Josh is a developer and leads thoughtbot's Boston studio. With over 15 years of software development experience and ten as a consultant, he loves working with companies large and small to launch products, grow teams, and introduce processes that encourage open, honest communication. Outside of work, you can find him hiking, cooking, or exercising at his local CrossFit box.

    • Developer

      Wil Hall

      Before Wil had ever thought of being a developer, he aspired to be a pastry chef. But whether he is building software or cakes, he believes that there is no substitute for a team of people who love what they do and express that enthusiasm through the things they build. He is always looking to use new technologies and languages, but currently works mostly in Ruby on Rails and Javascript.

    • Elaina Natario
    • Joël Quenneville
    • Gregory Fisher
    • Carl Reyes
    • Designer

      Elaina Natario

      Designer, gif enthusiast, cake baker

    • Senior Developer

      Joël Quenneville

      Joël is passionate about good architecture, OO, and best practices. He started his career writing PHP before falling in love with Ruby and Coffeescript. When he is not writing code, you can find him buried in a history book or exploring the city of Boston.

    • Developer

      Gregory Fisher

      Greg was a copywriter before he became a web developer. He's worked primarily on Rails and React applications and loves building things for the web. When he's not writing code he's reading anything, watching Liverpool FC, and exploring Boston with his family.

    • Developer

      Carl Reyes

      Carl was a network engineer in California before he taught himself Ruby on Rails and built his health-tech startup. While working as a customer of Thoughtbot's during his startup days, he realized he wanted to be on the other end of the table helping companies learn and develop their products.

    • Alejandro Dustet
    • Stephanie Viccari
    • Developer

      Alejandro Dustet

      Cuban born and raised, Alejandro got his BS in Computer Science at the University of Havana. He started his career writing gems and iOS apps and developed a passion for clean code thanks to Ben's refactoring from good to great. Before joining thoughtbot, he was the lead engineer at Line5 for 2 and a half years, where he was part-time Disney Movies guru, or so he claims, nay threatens to reproduce full movie dialogues with you (in Spanish). When he's not wondering why or how his code works, he's an avid sports fan, any sports.

    • Senior Developer

      Stephanie Viccari

      Originally from South Carolina, Stephanie moved to Boston to pursue a career in web development. Since joining the coding community, she has worked on Rails, Phoenix, Scala and React applications. In her spare time, she can be found paddleboarding or snowboarding.

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