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Join a team dedicated to creating products people love to use as a remote Senior Product Developer Front End Focus
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Americas · Ignite · Design · Remote

We're looking for a well-rounded product-oriented developer interested in growing their programming, product, and consulting skill-set overtime to join our fully remote team, Ignite ( The Ignite team focuses on developing first iterations of and proof of concepts for new products for existing companies and new startups.

You'll partner closely with other product developers, designers, and product owners on the product team to help solve problems and start new products.

We find that the most effective product teams are ones that work extremely collaboratively across the various roles, so in addition to being responsible for the technical success of a new product, you'll be expected to participate in the Design Process and Product thinking.

This role is not ideal for an individual preferring pre-groomed and pre-scoped development tickets from a backlog; expect to take high-level business problems, translate them to buildable features, and then implement and ship those features to first users.

We work with various technologies based on clients' particular needs, but our most common tech stack is ReactJS, React Native, TypeScript, and GraphQL.

This position is fully remote and is open to applicants located anywhere in the Americas in GMT-3 to GMT-10 time zones. We will begin reviewing applications no earlier than August 23, 2021.


Salary and benefits vary by location and country. The US salary range for this role is: $120,000- $145,000.

About thoughtbot

We believe that it is possible to continuously learn and improve the way people work while building higher-quality products that make positive contributions to the world. We work with companies in every step of the product development and maintenance process to help identify and solve problems. We lead and participate in product design sprints, build high-quality apps, and then deploy them.

We proactively work on improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at thoughtbot. We aim to maintain an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive professionally, as well as have full lives outside of work. Read about our DEI efforts in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion section of our Playbook. We acknowledge that DEI work is never done, and that we will make mistakes along the way. We are continuously working on learning, improving ourselves, and the company.

As a member of thoughtbot, you’ll be part of our distributed remote community. We’re continuously working to assure remote work is inclusive, collaborative, comfortable, and social.

Want to dig deeper? Read more about our Purpose and Values, and how we work in our Playbook.


Base expectations

  • Ability to make quality, accessible, and reliable first product iterations and proof of concepts using modern development tools.
  • Programming expertise, especially with web languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Html, and CSS.
  • Expertise in one or more current frontend web or mobile technologies such as ReactJS, React Native, or Svelte.
  • Experience with distributing modern web apps, especially JAMstack type projects.
  • Ability to work with clients to help define effective and achievable MVPs, especially from a technical feasibility perspective.
  • Ability to focus on the correct developer tasks for the success of a pre-market validation digital project.
  • A deep appreciation for the value of Design and Product thinking.

Additional skills

Every developer has a unique background. While none of the following are required for consideration, we are interested in you as an individual and how you may augment the team. The following are skills that are often required for early-stage project success, and experience or familiarity with any would be considered a huge plus.

Product Management

Project Management

Entrepreneurial experience

A background in design

A background in backend web app development, especially Ruby on Rails

A background in mobile design and development

Experience with serverless platforms

Experience with Low-Code and No-Code tools

Marketing, SEO, copywriting

More about you

You value craftsmanship

  • Software quality and reliability are important to you. You spend the extra time to make sure variables are named clearly and ideas are well expressed in the code. You avoid shipping code that would be confusing to future readers.
  • It bothers you deeply when code is hard to change, brittle, or prone to bugs.
  • You write thorough and helpful git commit messages.
  • You understand that the best code is no-code. You look for ways to reduce boilerplate, reduce complexity, and minimize maintenance burdens.
  • You take the time to improve your development environment continuously.
  • You write tests.
  • You seek out new tools, try them out, and assess whether it's best for the task at hand.
  • You strive to ship daily.
  • You know how to work at a sustainable pace.

You pride yourself on being a good teammate.

  • You foster a highly-collaborative and inclusive development process and workplace.
  • You live out and uphold our thoughtbot values and purpose, actively shaping these values to make sure they continue to align with the entire team.
  • You like to pair-program.
  • You strive to share what you know and learn from everyone around you.
  • You like mentoring. You like being mentored.

You think strategically.

  • You research problems to gain understanding, so you can synthesize well and craft actionable steps from them.
  • You take responsibility for the user experience for the products you work on.
  • You look for ways to maximize value while minimizing costs.
  • You think iteratively and holistically about how to release products in small pieces and regularly look for opportunities to validate the team's ideas.

You are a leader.

  • You take the initiative to lead rather than waiting for somebody else to.
  • You avoid micromanaging and being micromanaged.
  • You are interested in a role with a great deal of latitude, autonomy, and trust.
  • You develop community by writing, participating in online forums and networks, and attending meetups and conferences.

You have experience with consulting.

  • You communicate well and show your work often to clients and teammates.
  • You articulate technical decisions well and can give constructive and impactful feedback to others. You know to support clients through learning more about design, development, and validating products.
  • You can work through difficult situations and tough conversations.
  • You communicate complex ideas clearly and succinctly, helping educate the client.

You want to contribute to our team's goals.

  • You have an interest in building fulfilled teams.
  • You have an interest in impactful projects in healthcare, education, and social good.

We especially appreciate candidates that demonstrate commitment to contributing to an inclusive working and learning environment.

We encourage you to apply even if you don't match 100% of the requirements. Let us know if you need any specific accommodations during the interview process.

thoughtbot cannot sponsor work visas at this time.

Our Benefits

Our goal is to provide ourselves with the best possible benefits, tools to use, and environments to work in while staying sustainable. We've shared the full details of all our benefits here.

  • Investment Time

    We reserve at least 20 days of the year for continuous improvement to make ourselves, the company, and our community better by learning new tools and techniques, working on open source, blogging, creating new products, volunteering our time, and more.

  • Always Learning

    We pay 100% of expenses when you speak at conferences and 50% of the cost for attendees. We also pay 50% of all expenses for job-related training.

  • Stay Fresh

    We work a sustainable pace of 40 hours/week. We have four weeks (24 days in the UK) of vacation time per year, in addition to company holidays and sick days. For new parents, we also have at least 6 weeks paid leave in all locations, as well as the ability to take at least 6 months off.

  • Healthcare + Financial

    In the U.S. we provide competitive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, and a comprehensive 401k plan with matching. In the UK we provide supplemental private insurance and a group personal pension scheme.

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thoughtbot does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other reason prohibited by law in provision of employment opportunities and benefits.