thoughtbot is one of Quartz's Best Companies for Remote Workers in 2022

Chad Pytel

Like a lot of companies, before COVID, thoughtbot was already thinking about what combination of in-office and flexible remote work made sense for us. COVID and quarantining accelerated some of those decisions and we entirely revisited how we are structured and serve clients.

At the forefront of our decision-making process has always been how do we ensure we have fulfilling work lives and provide the most value to our clients. In 2020 we shifted to a fully remote, team based model that allowed us to grow our team throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, support our team members who wanted to relocate, and broaden the clients we partner with.

As a part of this change, numerous initiatives have been led to uncover how to best shift our day to day delivery to a fully-remote structure, and ensure communication, trust, and relationship building was stronger than ever with our clients and as a team. A good amount of our learnings, tips, and tricks can be found in our playbook and on our blog.

Photo of the team at summit and the Quartz winner logo

Earlier this year we participated in the Quartz’ Best Companies for Remote workers survey and are thrilled to announce we’ve been selected as a winner for 2022. Given the responses were directly from our team, it was great to hear our efforts to support them and foster a sustainable remote-workforce and community were well received.

If you are looking for a new opportunity, we encourage you to check out our current openings.

If your company would like to work with a design and development team experienced with working remotely to level up your team’s capability while also creating a new product or improving an existing one, get in touch.