thoughtbot’s Year In Review On Clutch For 2021

Diana Bald

At thoughtbot, we are known worldwide as a leading design, development, and product management consultancy that continuously brings our clients’ product visions to fruition. We believe that it is possible to constantly learn and improve the way people work while building higher-quality products that make positive contributions to the world. We show trust and respect for each other by telling the truth and demonstrating honesty and integrity in our actions.

With that said, we are proud to share with you our 2021 Year In Review on Clutch. For context, Clutch is the leader in connecting global service providers with corporate buyers from around the world.

Clutch’s Year In Review features metrics such as the number of reviews received, review ratings, and NPS score. In 2021, thoughtbot recorded an impressive 4.8-star average rating for all of our reviews on Clutch. In addition, we also recorded a high NPS score which means that our clients are willing to recommend us to their friends, family, and colleagues.

quote from a clutch review sharing their experience with thoughtbot

We are also proud to share that Clutch’s 2021 research showcases thoughtbot among New York City’s top web developers. Furthermore, Visual Objects, Clutch’s sister site, highlighted thoughtbot as one of the best web developers on their site.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who became a part of our journey over the years. We couldn’t have made it without your support.

We are proud of our work and believe it is meaningful, worth existing, and improves society and human well-being. Work with us. Send us a message today!