New health tech report looks at design in healthcare.

Kelly Gebo

I had the pleasure of wrapping up my 2020 by connecting with 10 product leaders in health tech. These folks came from a variety of backgrounds, teams and companies of multiple sizes and stages. The thoughtbot team set out to uncover, after the rollercoaster year that was 2020, how were health tech teams feeling? Specifically, how did design play a role in their product strategy; what was the most challenging and what solutions helped them find success.

It’s important to thoughtbot that we always look for ways to improve and also share our learnings with others. health tech and healthcare in general had to quickly adapt to support their customers through the pandemic, and were forced to deliver via technology in ways they hadn’t before. It was exciting to see how quickly product teams were adapting, and the leaps and bounds their products were making to meet users where they needed them.

After conducting our interviews, we synthesized our findings and put together a report on the trends we uncovered. I am thrilled to announce we are ready to share those findings and are hopeful that these discoveries will help support other product teams in delivering fulfilling, quality work that exceeds their customer expectations.

thoughtbot health tech report