Learn how top product leaders are navigating challenges in health tech

In 2020, the health tech industry skyrocketed due to COVID-19 and its corresponding impacts forced patients, doctors, and services to change how we administer and receive care. This report is a full analysis of trends and challenges in the health tech industry highlighted through the voice of Product Leaders and their teams.

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Design as a health tech differentiator

Uncover what's working for health tech product teams

We interviewed 10 individuals with a variety of backgrounds, coming from teams and companies of multiple sizes and stages. They were all prompted with the same questions specifically looking to better understand how design impacts their roadmap and overall business. Their compelling responses can be translated across any product team. Enter your email to read the full analysis.

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What's in the report?

How can product design act as a catalyst for targeted change in a resistant industry?

The healthcare industry is risk-averse and has numerous regulations to ensure patients, privacy, and data are secure. The product leaders we interviewed untangled industry challenges, illuminated positive trends, and shared optimizations their product teams have been seeing success with. Read through the report to access their actionable insights and strategies.

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Quote from a health tech product leader

We feel the strongest product roadmap is a mix of customer research, feedback from other teams like Marketing, Sales, and Customer support, and the product team's intuition. We work to balance all perspectives.

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