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Adding value to the automated code review service that analyzes billions of lines of code every day.

Ruby, Rails Development

Code Climate is an open, extensible platform for ensuring code health that analyzes trillions of lines of code per week. They contacted us about collaborating on product development, and as longtime users of their service, we were excited to take the opportunity to work on their product. By shipping important functionality, we helped them expand their customer base and increase their product's value to existing customers.

Managing permissions within a large Code Climate organization has historically been a tedious process. Larger organizations often need to restrict access to certain repositories. Previously, an administrator had to check or uncheck each organization member to grant or deny access to a given repository. To improve the user experience of managing large organizations, we implemented Teams. Administrators can now easily change permissions at a higher level by adding users to teams, then selecting the repositories each team can access.

We also made developers' lives easier by improving their daily Code Climate workflow. Code can have subtle issues that aren't immediately obvious. Code Climate helps developers catch these issues by analyzing each pull request before it is merged. However, the pull request status message didn't reveal those issues directly: it was the same for every pull request, indicating only that the analysis had completed. We helped make Code Climate's findings more prominent by implementing a smarter status message that includes the number of new and fixed issues. From GitHub, developers can immediately know when code quality has changed, prompting them to click through to see the full analysis results on Code Climate. This change helps developers get more value out of their Code Climate subscription.

Code Climate started out offering analysis of Ruby projects, then added support for JavaScript, PHP, and Python. They needed a sustainable way to continue adding features for their expanding customer base. There was a single application responsible for all aspects of background processing, which became more complex with each supported language and feature. We helped rearchitect this application by gradually separating it into two distinct codebases. Peeling apart the analysis engine code from the job scheduling code has proven to be an important refactor. The result is a more extensible system that has increased developer productivity as they continue to grow the service to an open platform that supports analysis for any language, library, or framework.

Code Climate came to us at an important period of their product's growth. We were happy to help improve the value of their product by bolstering their development team with Ruby and Rails experts.

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