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At thoughtbot, we go beyond traditional web and mobile applications. With experience in virtual reality, augmented reality, and game design, our team can create truly immersive and interactive products.

3D Modeling

Whether your project requires highly detailed and realistic models, or quirky stylized ones, we have you covered. Using tools like Maya, we can create the perfect 3D models for your project, no matter what style.

Interactive Experiences

We bring your ideas to life with tools like Unity and Unreal. With a solid background in software development and game design, our team can help create the exact experience you're looking for, whether it's for an educational game or an internal VR tool.

Level editor from NOVA Black Holes

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

thoughtbot is proud to stay at the cutting edge of technology, and VR/AR are no exceptions. With clients in the medical and travel industries, we've had a chance to flex our muscles in this exciting new space. Have an idea for a VR or AR app? We'd love to work with you on it.

Hire us to help you build excellent software

Our best work gets done when we can work face-to-face with you. Chat with a designer or developer at one of our studios near you.

Let’s make something great together
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