Engagement Goals

We help eCommerce Companies:

  • Explore a new technology
  • Uncover innovation opportunities
  • Stand apart from competition
  • Understand user needs
  • Remedy a product gap
  • Wow investors
  • Turn an idea into a roadmap
  • Mitigate risk tied to software

Quote about working with thoughtbot

Working with the thoughtbot team has been a real pleasure. This project was highly iterative, and the team was always extracting feedback from key stakeholders at our business and baking it into the process. We are pleased with the outcome, and hope to work with them for a long time!

Jordana Kier
Co-Founder, LOLA

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How we help

We work together to plan the right project based on your stage, needs, and goals.

  • Clarify your value proposition, critical path, and target audience
  • Uncover key differentiator based on competitor analysis
  • Validate an idea based through user research
  • Translate research into a product recommendation
  • Confirm go-to-market timeline including action plan to get there
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Quote about process

thoughtbot has a team of senior developers who can come in and get running on any project you need with great perspective and process, without being dogmatic. They start making an impact immediately.

Becky Segal
VP of Engineering, Bark

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Moving quickly and strategically

Our process uncovers the right next step

Tap into our 19 years of product design, development and product strategy expertise. We have a foolproof approach for Discovery work that lets you effectively go from idea to product roadmap in less than 4 weeks. In terms of go-to-market, we are experts at making strategic decisions around build vs. buy and uncovering the most effective 'Minimum Viable Product' that can be launched as a little as 12 weeks. eCommerce won't wait for you: let us help you get to market, with the right product, today.

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