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Your team has successfully secured an SBIR/STTR grant and is now looking to complete key market research and commercialization planning efforts to support technology commercialization. You need a partner with extensive product strategy and technical architecture experience to craft your story and produce the required deliverables to scale. thoughtbot will feel like an extension of your team, helping you with all aspects of customer and market research, technology commercialization, R&D, and deliverable creation. You will be well equipped for further Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) Funding after a handful of weeks.

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quote from grandstand

"thoughtbot is a premier consultant who understands the product strategy space. They work to the direction their clients give, yet are able to provide knowledge to fill in the blanks where needed. They stay in your corner and work together with your team to help reach your goals."

Ryan Walsh

where thoughtbot really shines

thoughtbot's experience and approach make us a premiere partner for these three Phase 2 deliverables in particular.

Commercialization Plan

thoughtbot will support you with Commercialization planning by outlining the right product and business strategy. The final deliverable will include a clear picture of your revenue model, market research reports and go-to-market plan.

Market Opportunity

We use a jobs-to-be-done format for our product definition efforts which will allow us to easily describe the target customer, their needs, pain points, and how we will address them. From a market research perspective, our industry and competitive research will allow us to clarify trends, barriers, and the proposed corresponding business model to find success.

Product/Tech and Competition

Having built 1,000s of applications, we know that a prioritized roadmap highlighting the most impactful features is a foundational deliverable. With expertise in a variety of tech stacks and industries, we have best practices on product architecture that give you confidence in your technology commercialization approach and product strategy choices.

Full spectrum R&D Support

Product Strategists equipped with market research, validation, and technical planning proficiency

thoughtbot is a team of world-class consultants who quickly ramp up on the opportunity, and research done to date, and jump into leading collaborative exercises with your team, keeping your users and goals in mind. At project start, we capture any assumptions and work hand in hand to craft our research approach for further exploration. Each effort is tailored to our clients and includes both quantitative and quantitative findings. Equipped with best practices in customer, market, and competitive research we efficiently use tools like clickable prototypes to uncover the optimal user experience and expected adoption in a handful of weeks.

high-quality, organized, and backed by research

Equipping you with the confidence and proposal submission package you need

We expect to work together to synthesize a variety of inputs and analyze our collective effort into the deliverables you need for a comprehensive proposal. Having led hundreds of Research & Design Sprints and successful new product launches, the thoughtbot team has extensive experience packaging up market research in a clear manner, providing the details required while telling a compelling story for future investment.

We utilize product strategy, human-centered design, and technical expertise to validate early and often and ensure success at every stage. Throughout the process, we document and translate findings needed to create the following:

Potential Deliverables

  • Technical expertise clarifying technical objectives and computer services
  • Budget justification documents including expected investment for first release & maintaining post-launch
  • thoughtbot Consultant Services Overview
  • Project Schedule and Work Plan defining specific tasks, performance schedules, milestones, and deliverables
  • Technology and Commercialization Planning Audits

Client Quote

“The thoughtbot work has been invaluable. Gaining an alternative perspective from experts in research is huge. The process requires you to become more concise and clear with what you are trying to do because you have to explain that to people. Great questions can lead to great answers. thoughtbot knows how to ask great questions, and that process is what provokes thought.”

Chris Pallatroni

Case Studies

Case Studies

Harvard Business Review — Future-proofing Harvard Business Review to inspire the next generation of global business leaders by exploring new technology experiences.

Corverix — Rethinking reactive healthcare into a proactive virtual health solution. V1 successfully achieved HIPAA compliance and was approved for a larger Feasibility Study.

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