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Technology built with care improves patient outcomes

Technology leaders in healthcare partner with thoughtbot because we share a common goal: to solve meaningful problems with quality digital solutions. Work with us to help you reduce waste and improve outcomes for patients, providers, and payers.

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We work with companies making advancements in:

  • Connected care
  • Home health
  • Interoperability
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical trials and research
  • Payments
  • Social determinants of health

Quote about working with thoughtbot

thoughtbot helped us quickly build the groundwork for our product, which enabled us to fundraise earlier, and for a larger round. If we hadn’t worked with them, we could be a year behind where we are today.

Krishna Kulkarni
Engineering Manager, Healthify

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What we do

We'll help your team:

  • Rigorously prioritize product features 
  • Build robust design processes
  • Level up to meet compliance standards
  • Reduce waste
  • Focus on user research to improve patient outcomes
  • Integrate Test Driven Development into your architecture

Quote about process

It’s genuinely a pleasure to work with thoughtbot. They came in and didn’t say 'let’s fix mental health', they came and said 'let’s make the best product we can. They seem to have the same level of focus as we do as a company in doing the right thing. They took even our most muddled requirements and helped us to make something beautiful out of them.

Melody King
Project Owner, IESO Health

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Privacy and HIPAA Compliance

Unique challenges are presented with compliance and privacy regulations.

thoughtbot’s best practices for digital product development include awareness and planning of measures for privacy of user data and compliant technology infrastructures.

Working with thoughtbot, your team will learn tactics for working with private data, making small and frequent releases. We help improve team collaboration to ensure that compliant standards are integrated into your culture. These practices will not only help you build compliant features but design quality solutions that solve user pains.


How to stay agile when building compliant health tech products

You believe in agile, but face tensions between moving quickly and the constraints of product development in the health tech industry. During this workshop, Senior Developer Steph Viccari dives into some of thoughtbot’s best practices for digital product development, and the unique challenges and considerations for these processes when compliance and privacy concerns are involved.

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Quote from Clutch

Our team of engineers felt that they benefited a lot from working with the thoughtbot team and were able to develop new skills. We ended up with a nice, clean, well-tested code base that we continue to extend. It has lasted for the last four years and is still going strong.

VP of Engineering
Health Care Coordination Company

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