Celebrating 2021 Wins Going Into 2022

Diana Bald

During our end of year Summit, affectionately called “Ralphapalooza,” we break from our typical day-to-day to connect, socialize, and spend two consecutive days collaborating within teams on projects people select. One Ralphapalooza team spent time creating and organizing a Flipbook filled with 26 wonderful pages of personal and professional accomplishments and inspirations.

I am so proud of all we have accomplished and wanted to highlight a few of our professional milestones, the amazing thoughtbot team and our clients. I’d like to send a special thank you to clients who kicked off their first project with us in 2021 (Whoop, PathCheck, Relias, & Groups Recover Together to name a few).

71 new clients, 36 new v1 products planned, 8 discovery sprints, 8 public virtual events, 28 new hires, 26 promotions, 6 new roles, 5 ten-plus anniversaries, 87 blog posts, 55 podcast episodes, 284k podcast downloads, 211 merged Handbook PRs, 2 DEI trainings, and 1 inclusive language glossary

We pride ourselves on being able to validate, build, scale, maintain and support digital products at every stage from upfront research, through to design and development, and DevOps following launch.

If you are interested in a free consultation or scoping call, please reach out. We’d love to discuss your vision and goals for 2022.

Happy New Year! Diana Bald