Ready to fundraise? Learn from thoughtbot and our partner, Forecastr, at our event October 3rd

As a startup, there are a lot of decisions to be made:

  • when to invest in growing your team
  • expand your product
  • pivot your offering

Navigating these milestones successfully requires a deep understanding of where you fit in the market, a sound product roadmap, and an informed view across all your financials.

We’re teaming up with our partner, @forecastr to talk through:

  • How to solidify your Product Market Fit through research and validation and prepare the strongest story for investors
  • How to navigate build vs buy and tech stack decisions
  • Using what you’ve learned to build a financial model that gives your investors confidence and helps you make informed decisions

This event is great for:

  • Startups looking evolve their early stage product into a robust MVP, that need investor buy-in and sound technology choices to maximize runway
  • Startup teams who have recently received funding, are ready to grow to the next stage, and want to make informed, strategic decisions on where to invest next

Plan to join us by registering here and if thoughtbot can help you define your product strategy and bring it to live, send us a note