Join our event on 19 October: Navigating & Maximising Fundraising in the UK

Kirsten Hurley

At thoughtbot we’ve seen the challenges and confusion startups in different stages can face when trying to fundraise and then maximise their raised capital. This has become even more challenging as inflation rises and investors take a more cautious approach based on economic uncertainty.

In our free, webinar event on 19 October, we talk with a group of experts to understand ways to be successful in your startup fundraising efforts, and once funds are secured, to maximise your runway.

In this live, online event we’ll talk through:

  • How to stand out to investors and be prepared for presentations
  • Ways to research fundraising options, and starting conversations that lead to meetings
  • The criteria investors are using today to grade risks and runway
  • How to prioritize moving your business, product, and team forward strategically once you’ve successfully fundraised

Collaborative format

The session will include a panel discussion and then breakout sessions with either the Founders or Investors for continued small group discussions.

This event is great for

A startup founder or product leader looking to fundraise, understand the current landscape, and/or maximise funds raised.

Event speakers

Our speakers include two leaders in the venture capital area who have worked with the UK’s best startups as well as two successful startup founders who will share approaches that were successful for them in raising funds and strategically moving forward.

Register now

Read more and plan to join us by registering here. And if thoughtbot can help you with strategic planning for your product and bringing it to life, send us a note.