Upcoming Financial Model Makeover Event (10/19)

Kelly Gebo

thoughtbot has had the pleasure of partnering with 100s of startups to define the right product strategy, launch their MVP, and onboard their own product team. In building these relationships it was clear these clients had other business needs that we couldn’t help with, so we set out to find partners that successfully augmented our services.

Our partner, Forecastr is an out-of-the-box finance function whose platform makes it easy to create a financial model that wows investors and can also evolve as your business does.

Financial models are the backbone of a startup. They help gain investors’ confidence, provide insight to take action, monitor your financial health, and plan your runway.

We’re excited to partner with Forecastr on their new series: “Financial Model Makeover” where they will be tearing down an actual financial model from a real startup and providing valuable feedback in real-time. Then, they’ll rebuild it better!

This event is on October 19th at 2pm ET. Click here to register!