12/7 Event - How to Raise Early Stage Capital and Build an MVP

Kelly Gebo

Investors connect with hundreds of startups a year. As a startup, your challenge is to stand out from the crowd and succinctly, and confidently communicate your vision. To do that you need to have a clear plan for financial health, sustainable growth, product-market fit and technical strategy.

We’ve designed this event with that goal in mind and with our partner, Forecastr will bring to the table best practices for building that confidence in your vision and with investors. The webinar will share how to:

  • Build momentum for your fundraising round
  • Get a soft commitment from an Investor for your round
  • Follow-up with an investor in a way that keeps the conversation going
  • Outline target customers and an approach to deeply engage them
  • Conduct quality research to future proof your strategy
  • Build a product roadmap to support short-term wins and long-term goals

Event Details:

We look forward to connecting with you and as always, if you have any challenges either of us can help with, please send us a note to start a conversation.