FormKeep Moves to Furious Collective

Chad Pytel

thoughtbot is a consulting company that designs and develops software for our clients. We’ve also invested our own time to create, improve and support products that come out of our consulting work, like Upcase, Hound, FormKeep and FormLinter.

We built FormKeep to be an easy-to-use cloud database that gives developers and web designers a simple way to capture, store, and share data collected from web forms. FormKeep’s API and Zapier webhook add versatility and make it easy to connect over 750 apps and automate workflows.

Founded in 2014, FormKeep now serves hundreds of companies and organizations. Customers have come up with countless ways to use FormKeep to speed up their workflows and deploy web-based data collection applications such as sign up pages, lead collection, registration pages, event planning and more.

As the business began to grow rapidly, we realized that we needed a dedicated team to give FormKeep proper attention and take it to its full potential. The timing couldn’t have been better when Furious Collective called in August to propose acquiring FormKeep. After getting to know Dave Kloba and Rob Meinhardt, the co-founders of Furious Collective, we quickly realized that we had found a perfect match.

Dave and Rob are experienced entrepreneurs who know how to build great businesses. They were both on the founding teams of successful startups AvantGo (IPO in 2000) and KACE (acquired by Dell in 2010). And, importantly, they have been looking to build a company in the form space for about a year. We believe they have the vision and know-how necessary to take FormKeep forward.

We are excited to see what FormKeep can accomplish in its new home as part of the Furious Collective of companies.

If you haven’t tried FormKeep, give it a try!