FormKeep November Update

Josh Steiner

It’s been one month since we launched FormKeep and we’ve received great feedback! People are loving it and have used it for all sorts of forms, from sweepstakes entries, to conference signups, to pre-launch landing pages.

We’ve protected our users from over 14,000 spam submissions and saved them time setting up database backed web apps and admin interfaces. But we haven’t stopped there. Since launching, we’ve been hard at work implementing the following:

  • Email notifications.

    One of our goals with FormKeep is to keep it slim, but allow for maximum flexibility. We are able to do this through webhooks, which give users the power to use their data in any way they want. That being said, our most requested feature was email notifications. Our customers don’t want to go through the extra step for something that seems intrinsic to the application. We agreed and have since launched the feature. If you already have a form set up, you can enable notifications on the form’s edit page.

  • Cross Origin Requests. You can now submit data with JavaScript for more control over the user flow.

  • A default redirect page to make creating forms even faster.

  • A simplified onboarding flow and clarified payment model.

  • A FAQ page to answer common questions

  • Bug fixes

Please reach out if you have questions or feedback. We love hearing from everyone.

For more frequent updates, follow @formkeep on twitter.