Recent FormKeep Improvements

Keeping momentum up on a product like FormKeep is not terribly difficult as the feedback we receive from our users is immensely helpful. Some of that feedback has recently helped us ship some high leverage features and updates to FormKeep that we’d love to share with you.

Dynamic Redirects

On occasion that single redirect URL just won’t cut it. A request we’ve heard often has to do with redirecting a user somewhere specific based on what they’ve entered in a form. With this feature it is now possible. You can now customize the redirect per form using the _redirect_url parameter. Including a (hidden) input tag named _redirect_url with the value set to where successful submissions should redirect you are all that you need. Otherwise, it will default to the redirect url you’ve set in the FormKeep dashboard.

Credit Cards Are No Longer Required Up Front

We’ve received more than a fair share of support queries asking why credit cards were required up front. There are great reasons that support each side of that discussion but for now we’ve decided to change direction on this front and remove the requirement - now allowing new customers to try out FormKeep before asking for providing their credit card information.

If you’ve been holding off until now, with these new changes we think now is a great time to give FormKeep a shot.