Introducing FormKeep

Josh Steiner

We are excited to announce FormKeep, the easiest way to create form endpoints for designers and developers.

Why would you use FormKeep

You need to collect data from users, but you don’t want to build a backend yourself to view data, fight spam, or integrate with other services. In the past we have used hosted WYSIWYG form builders to service this need. However, form builders are not made for technically savvy individuals such as ourselves.

FormKeep is a form endpoint, not a form builder. This has a number of advantages:

  1. You get to work in an environment you are familiar with. Instead of a clunky WYSIWYG editor, develop from the comfort of your own editor.
  2. The form is rendered instantly, because you don’t have to load it via an iframe or JavaScript.
  3. Styling FormKeep forms is dead simple, because they are already part of your page. You no longer have to override someone else’s styles with hacks.

FormKeep is the perfect companion to static site generators like Jekyll or Middleman, but we’ve saved a lot of time by using it with Rails apps, as well.

How does it work

All you have to do is point your form at the provided FormKeep URL.

<form action="" method="POST">

That’s it. Publish your site and it will start collecting form submissions.

What makes FormKeep awesome

  1. A beautiful admin interface. We’ve come up with something that is truly a pleasure to use. Take a look:

FormKeep admin interface

  1. Webhooks. FormKeep easily integrates with other apps through services like Zapier. We’ve used webhooks to pipe cards to Trello for collaborative and pipeline tooling and MailChimp for email lists. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Spam prevention. We integrate with Akismet to check each submission for spam.

  3. Data export. Need to do something complex with your data? You can export forms to CSV or programmatically access data with our JSON API.

No-risk sign up

FormKeep includes a free trial, so you can try it out before you pay.

What are you waiting for? Sign up!