Fifteen minutes a day for inclusive language

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental pillars of thoughtbot culture. I always struggle to find a way to make a meaningful contribution, but a few months ago, with the help of my team lead Svenja, we thought that I could start with a simple step.

Just 15 minutes a day

At the beginning of the quarter, I set myself the goal in my growth plan of using a more inclusive language, or at least being aware of what words I use to learn of my mistakes, research more inclusive terms, and use them in the future.

I started my plan by adding to my calendar 15 minutes to learn inclusive language, which has had an incredible impact:

  • Increase my awareness towards inclusive language: In just a quarter of an hour, I become more aware of the words I use and their potential impact on others. This awareness is the first step towards change
  • Using language as a tool: By investing 15 minutes of my day, I have wielded this tool towards creating a more inclusive workspace
  • Respect for diversity: Embracing inclusive language shows appreciation and respect towards diversity, enriching everything around you
  • Small steps to achieve a bigger goal: It’s just 15 minutes a day, but the learnings are massive at the end of the week

Final thoughts

A great way to lead is leading by example. Our dedication can inspire people around us to take similar steps towards inclusivity. By actively using inclusive language, we can challenge stereotypes and change perspectives, one conversation at a time.

I hope this post inspires others and together we can build a more inclusive world.