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Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a fundamental aspect of product development, and RSpec is the primary tool we use to write tests. As a Product Owner or Engineering Leader, confidently being able to quickly add features while maintaining a high-quality code base will set you up for better growth and sustainability. RSpec will make sure your application is functioning as expected and minimizes the bugs written into the system as the app and team evolve. Based on our expertise in test-driven development and RSpec, our customized RSpec Training works to improve your product now, while setting up your team and processes with the standards needed for future growth.

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Quote about RSpec Training

thoughtbot’s trainers used our own code for the training. It was compelling to watch our engineers learning best-practice whilst improving our codebase in real-time.

Senior Software Engineering Manager

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Case Study

thoughtbot RSpec training & Ruby on Rails development allowed an existing product and team to reduce app downtime via increased, higher quality test coverage.

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Fully customized, immersive training

Regardless of your use case, we help you move forward

A start-up’s journey is quick and exciting, and time and time again, the product evolves without the right testing infrastructure in place. Now the current product has reached its limit, and fast production fixes introduce other bugs. 

Another common scenario we see is our Enterprise clients who are familiar with testing, but now have a complex product with a great deal of tests. Unfortunately those tests are low quality and slow and introduce headaches to the team working to add features or chase down bugs.

Taking the time to improve your Testing standards now, and upskill your team before your next stage of growth, will pay dividends later. RSpec is a key driver to both a product’s and team’s stability, which in turn, directly impacts your business. The thoughtbot RSpec Training will improve your team’s culture, and process around testing regardless of where you are at in implementation.

Training Expected Outcomes

  • Shared language around testing
  • Growth mindset culture
  • Training Materials for future reference
  • Team confidence in implementing TDD
  • Improved velocity moving forward
  • Reduction of flakey tests
  • Decrease in introduced bugs or lagging response times

How it works

Getting Started & Training Rollout

thoughtbot RSpec Training will be customized to your team and your needs. We spend time upfront outlining how we can best work together. We start by assessing your codebase to identify standards and pairing with your team to identify pain points. Our findings are translated into our training curriculum and practice opportunities.

We then plan the cadence of workshops to be delivered in small group settings on a schedule that works for you. We get feedback along the way and update future sessions based on your team's involvement. Our training balances RSpec basics and their application into your codebase. The customized RSpec training is a cost effective and efficient way to improve your product and team in the short-term while strengthening your ability to reach your long term goals.

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