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Go scales for products and teams

Go is a language designed for the modern world, where services are connected and always-on and teams are diverse and distributed.

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We love the simple, reliable, and efficient software Go helps us write.

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Effortlessly scalable services

When requests-per-second matters, scalability is king — but it isn't something that can be bolted on at the end of development.

That's why Go and its libraries are concurrent by default, from HTTP to the database. Plus, they're built with powerful language primitives, allowing all developers to write safe, concurrent code.

The Go web service thoughtbot built for OTMRateCloud has had 99.99% uptime in its first year and a half in production. The only downtime was due to a widespread Amazon S3 outage. It has easily handled every load test.

Brad Mueller Founder, Skipjack Supply Chain

From the blog

Each Go project gives us an opportunity to experiment and learn. We write about our successes and challenges with Go to engage with the world-wide community of Gophers.

Interface With Your Database in Go

Go's interface provides a way to abstract away things like your database for testing.

Where to Define Command-Line Flags in Go

The common location to define command-line flags might not be the best.

Contributing to Open Source Go Projects

Use this workflow and you’ll have your first contribution to an open source Go project merged in no time.

Writing Go in Vim

Learn how to set up Vim for writing Go.

One application, many environments

Go is designed for the kinds of teams building web products today. They should be able to use the tools they know best, so it has terrific support for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many other platforms. They should be able to collaborate on the same code-base (even across oceans), so it provides tools to maintain code-standards, and abstractions to keep projects organized.

Tools by and for developers

Developers are turning to Go to build command-line tools for other developers. As users, we're big fans of tools like Docker, Hugo, and ngrok.

As creators, we're excited to build tools in Go because its cross-platform support allows us to serve all our potential users, regardless of what system they run.

Open source

We at thoughtbot are widely known for our our open-source work in the Ruby on Rails community, and this tradition is proudly carried forward by our Go developers, too. Here are some of our most active open source projects for Go.

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