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Elm is a delightful language for reliable apps

  • Elm combines the friendliness of Ruby and the safety of Haskell and brings it to the front-end. Run-time errors in Elm programs are virtually non-existent, resulting in reliable applications and happy customers.

  • Elm’s robust type system catches the low-level errors so we can focus on what matters: building the product and experience.

  • Elm’s awesome compiler makes development faster for experts and novices alike. The easy learning curve helps new team members get up-to-speed writing production code in no time, and developers of all levels gain confidence in the application.

Our Elm developers have spoken and written a lot about Elm

Explore Our Elm Development Work

  • Marriott Moments/PlacePass

    PlacePass hired us to build Marriott Moments, where we used Elm for multiple rich components, including interactive search, product filtering, and ticket selection. Elm’s type system allowed us to deploy these components as a white-label solution with confidence they’d work in multiple environments.

  • MIT Spring

    MIT Media Lab hired us to build a data exploration tool that synchronized multiple data feeds. Because of an aggressive deadline and complex operations, Elm was the perfect tool for the job.

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