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Innovative product solutions and support for your team during COVID-19

Times of crisis force us to innovate in order to survive. Whether that means launching a digital solution for a critical pandemic problem, exploring a new way to serve your customers, or stabilizing your team, thoughtbot can help.

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Innovate in times of crisis

Great challenges bring greater opportunities

We believe that innovation thrives under pressure and want to work with you in crafting creative and elegant solutions to the problem your customers are facing. Allow thoughtbot to help you become one of the few companies that rises up despite the challenges of today to become leaders of a brighter tomorrow.

Design research

Surface insights that lead to solutions

Gain new market insights, build up team knowledge, and set the stage for innovative solutions during these unprecedented times.

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Remote product design sprints

Reduce risk, rapidly generate new ideas, and validate your product

We have helped hundreds of clients, from early startups to big corporations, minimize their risk and validate their ideas through a product design sprint. We want to bring our expertise to help you launch your ideas through a highly interactive and effective process that is completely remote.

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Team augmentation

Keep your product moving forward

A crisis requires all hands on deck, but sometimes even that is not enough. Our developers and designers have extensive experience joining teams of all sizes and styles and getting up to speed quickly with your existing projects and processes.

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Remote work

Remote support for your team through this challenging transition

Everyone is navigating strange new waters as we move to fully remote teams and balance working from home with a slew of other challenging environmental dynamics. The thoughtbot team has resources and services that can help.

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Code audits

Stabilize your product or prepare for growth

Whether you are looking to improve the security and performance of essential applications, or to ensure your codebase is ready for rapid growth or a major pivot, a code audit will help get you on track. We will work to identify areas for improvement in your codebase and processes, and then create a plan to get your product and team set up for success.

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