Rails DevOps Q&A with thoughtbot's Founder and CTO
Building a safe, secure, and stable web application

How do you know which DevOps tooling and practices are right for your company? When is it time to revisit and improve your existing environment? How secure is your setup?

Bring your burning DevOps questions for thoughtbot CTO, Joe Ferris and COO, Chad Pytel at our next live Q&A zoom.

This live Q&A will cover:

  • For those unfamiliar, what is DevOps?
  • When do you recommend using Heroku versus something else?
  • What’s the best DevOps tooling for a Rails app?
  • When do you need more support than your current team? Outsource, Hiring, etc.
  • What are best practices for deployment?
  • Where can I find quality DevOps online training?
  • When does it makes sense to invest in AWS? In Kubernetes?
  • When does it make sense to containerize?

This live Q&A is ideal for:

  • Mid to senior level developers who care about deploying quality apps
  • Product leadership who want to ensure stability for users
  • Managers thinking of investing in external resources or hiring for devops
  • Tech leaders who want to build or maintain safe and secure applications
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to be on call anymore!
Q&A Speakers
  • Chad Pytel, Founder and COO, thoughtbot

    Chad Pytel leads the operations of the company while ensuring an outstanding experience for our customers as we collaborate with them to make their products and teams a success. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and services.

  • Joe Ferris, CTO, thoughtbot

    Joe heads our DevOps and maintenance team and provides technical leadership. He has more than a hundred web applications under his belt and he's familiar with every reason you probably shouldn't use JavaScript.