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Build systems to appropriately scale for the size and complexity of products. Mission Control services focus on how code gets from the developers hands into the end user's experience to ensure success from the beginning of the product lifecycle through exponential growth. We build continuous integration and delivery pipelines, cloud platforms, and provide ongoing support post-launch of new products and major features.


Quote from Branching Minds about thoughtbot

After working with thoughtbot, we have everything as infrastructure as code. Production and staging environments match, and we are building out even more environments to verify code quality and security. Down time is rare and when it occurs, it is easy to roll back changes and switch workloads. We can easily support exponentially more users with no impact to system performance. When we need to upgrade our system, there is very little downtime

Denis Vilela
Lead Engineer, Branching Minds

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thoughtbot Mission Control services

Learn more about a few of our team's specialty areas

Launch with DevOps

Increase the speed of getting features to market, reduce post-deployment defects and incidents, build with quality, security, and compliance in mind.

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Platform Engineering

Enable developers to release new features with confidence and quality, scale applications for exponential growth, migrate cloud platforms.

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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Ensure your site remains reliable—available and responsive to users—while maintaining a rapid pace of feature development.

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Migrate to AWS with Flight Deck

Leverage our open-source terraform modules to seamlessly migrate fast

Mission Control has developed a platform called Flight Deck for deploying and managing applications on Kubernetes with a curated set of pre-configured open source Terraform modules and AWS products. The AWS platform guide documents our approach and provides for both platform building and developers using to the platform.

Quote from TuneCore about thoughtbot

thoughtbot brought an efficient and organized approach to analysis and development practices. Their methodology can help any company achieve its objectives.

Neil Bhay
VP of Technology, TuneCore

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Resources for your team

Check out the best practices our team is writing and talking about

Zero Downtime Rails Deployments with Kubernetes

Learn the major steps to get a Rails application running in Kubernetes, deployed without downtime.

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How to Supercharge Your Rails App with a Code Audit

thoughtbot’s best practices for auditing Rails codebases, and how to shift to actionable items without sacrificing speed of feature development.

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Scale cloud services with Kubernetes before the school year

Scale AWS services to handle 2x the normal volume with Kubernetes and Flight Deck.

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