How to Supercharge Your Rails App with a Code Audit

What You'll Be Hearing About

Gain perspective by learning thoughtbot's best practices

We’ve all been there: You’re delivering features smoothly and steadily until you hit a standstill. As Rails applications evolve to meet customers’ needs, they often grow in complexity. Even teams with the highest standards in code quality can face challenges, and a fresh perspective can shed light on development, performance, and process bottlenecks.

During this workshop, we’ll help you gain this perspective by teaching you thoughtbot’s best practices for auditing Rails codebases, and how to shift to actionable items without sacrificing speed of feature development.

In this workshop, we'll cover:

  • Preparing for a code audit
  • Key areas of focus when auditing a Rails application
  • Audit tooling
  • How to prioritize audit findings

You’ll walk away from this workshop with approaches for improving your Rails app to speed up delivery times and improve developer happiness. From addressing churn to identifying slow SQL queries to testing and refactoring problematic code, you’ll be empowered to level-up your codebase and improve your user experience.

This workshop is great for technical leaders, including:

  • Senior developers working within difficult codebases
  • Engineering leaders looking to expedite slow feature development due to unruly codebases
  • Developer enablement teams

Workshop Speakers

  • Josh Clayton, Managing Director

    Josh Clayton, Managing Director

    Josh leads thoughtbot’s Boston studio. He is also a mentor at TechStars Boston and MassChallenge Boston. With over 15 years of software development experience and ten as a consultant, Josh loves working with companies large and small to launch products, grow teams, and introduce processes that encourage open, honest communication.

  • Annie Lydens, Developer

    Annie Lydens, Developer

    During her time at thoughtbot, Annie has helped build a data-driven platform using Rails and React and built an API for a government-sector client. She’s also worked to implement new product features for enterprise clients and has conducted several code audits.

  • Joël Quenneville, Senior Developer

    Joël Quenneville, Senior Developer

    Joël has spent significant time working in health tech and B2B with local Boston start-ups, focusing on feature delivery and developer mentorship. He was a key team mentor during a Ruby on Rails upgrade and process overhaul.